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Stroud and surrounding area secondary schools

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CCEmum Sat 09-May-20 21:16:49

We are looking for tips on non-selective state secondary schools in the Stroud and surrounding area. Which ones would you recommend? We are looking for somewhere that gets decent results and also has decent wider provision for extra curricular etc. Preferably not too big and with a diverse student body. Does anywhere fit the bill? We aren't fixed on one particular area so it could be anywhere in that part of the country. Thanks for the advice!

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clarrylove Mon 11-May-20 07:07:46

Hi! Stroud schools are interesting. Having two super selective Grammars in the town means they cream off the most able.

Thomas Keble has a good reputation as a small 11-16 school but its catchment area is very specific.

Rednock in Dursley is a large comprehensive but is far enough away from the Grammars to have a more true comprehensive feel.

With regards to diversity, if you mean ethnic diversity, there is very little in the area. The Grammars very slightly more so as they pull from the larger cities such as Swindon and Gloucester.

Poetryinaction Mon 11-May-20 20:37:01

The two mentioned above are good. Rednock is bigger.
There is also Archway, which doesn't have a great reputation, but is 11-18, in the centre of Stroud, and big enough to offer lots of extra curricula.
Some students travel to SWR in Tetbury, which is small but growing. It is a small, caring comp.
For more diversity you'd have to go to Gloucester.

CCEmum Tue 12-May-20 21:21:55

thanks so much, really appreciate the replies smile

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Poetryinaction Fri 22-May-20 19:24:43

Not forgetting Maidenhill in Stonehouse.

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