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East London/ West Essex Independent day secondary schools or Woodbridge High?

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Thefourthcraw Wed 06-May-20 05:44:30

We are currently living overseas and planning to move back to Woodford next year for DS1 to start secondary school in September 2021. I have registered him to sit the 11+ at Bancrofts, Forest and Chigwell, but I'd really like another independent option that isn't as competitive academically. I have ruled out Normanhurst in Chingford as being too small. My searches haven't brought any other independent co-ed options up. I was just wondering if I had missed anything. The school would need to be accessible on the tube/ bus from Woodford. If not, our plan B would be Woodbridge High School. Are there any parents with DC there and if so, what do you think of the school? We had planned to travel back to the UK next month to look at schools and now don't know when/ if that will happen at all this year.

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chitchattery Wed 06-May-20 23:47:03

Might be worth a look at St Edmunds. It’s in Ware but I think there are school buses from various places. It has had a rep as being less academic than the schools you mention but not sure this is still the case. Forest seems to be adopting a more “all-round” position as well, but again I have no direct experience of the past four years. Don’t have any experience of Woodbridge- sorry.

liquoricecravings Thu 07-May-20 12:04:44

I had friends that went to Woodbridge and were happy there, though that was quite a while ago now. Trinity is a school in Woodford with a very good reputation. It's a Catholic school so it depends on if you like the particular ethos.

I agree with St Edmunds too. I've heard good things about the school.

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