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My daughter wants a card

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appleandblackcurrent Tue 05-May-20 16:15:39

My daughter is 12 in a few weeks and she said that she wants to get a debit card. Apparently some of her friends have one. I don't know if I should get her a card. On 1 hand it will teach her responsibility but I don't want her spending her money foolishly. Should I get her one?

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dementedpixie Tue 05-May-20 16:17:07

Both my children got a current account with debit card at age 11. Their pocket money is paid into it by standing order every month

Tableclothing Tue 05-May-20 16:19:20

I had one when I was 12. I had a current account and a separate savings account. Debit card was for the current account. No overdraft facility. Quite good for learning that when the money's gone, it's gone.

WisestIsShe Tue 05-May-20 16:20:09

Yes it's a good idea to foster independence and begin to understand money management. Both of mine have had one at 11 with a monthly allowance. They soon learn to budget.

Malmontar Tue 05-May-20 16:21:50

I got mine at 11 because NatWest came to our school. Still have the same account now. It was great, it taught me to budget because id go to the local you shop and than check online. I would buy it wherever it was cheaper.

Hazelnutlatteplease Tue 05-May-20 16:22:06

Yes brilliant idea

Headbangersandmash Tue 05-May-20 16:23:51

My kids got one in y7.

They can't go overdrawn

ilovemydogandMrObama Tue 05-May-20 16:25:13

Both DD (13) and DS (12) have a children's account with Nationwide - it's the Flex Account. No fees and can access ATMs abroad with no fees.

Purpleartichoke Tue 05-May-20 16:25:48

This thread Reminded me that I was thinking about getting one for my dd for next school year. She is 11.

dementedpixie Tue 05-May-20 16:28:03

Child current accounts are available from age 11. My kids are with Santander

Pipandmum Tue 05-May-20 16:31:18

My daughter has a go Henry card but I'll be changing it to a Santander 123 account or similar as soon as possible. My son has had a current account since he was 14. Both have savings accounts that I manage. They could have debit cards with them but they have forgotten this bit so I have never reminded them otherwise my son would have spent it!

GameSetMatch Tue 05-May-20 16:32:59

Get a cash card where you can not go in to overdraft or anything i think they have specific children’s cards/bank accounts these days. 12 is a great age, we are changing in to a cashless society so a card is a must.

BelleSausage Tue 05-May-20 16:33:44

If you sign up for an online card like Revolut you can keep track of her card on your phone and so can she. It’s brilliant and send you an update every time you make a transaction. You can also set budget limits and set up savings vaults. Would highly recommend.

Unshriven Tue 05-May-20 16:37:51

Most banks do them from 11+.

Makes it easier when they are older and need ID if they already have an account/card.

Just go with your regular bank, don't pay for GoHenry etc.

gingercat02 Tue 05-May-20 16:43:28

DS got a Santander one when he was 11. Brilliant! He can buy things himself (he asks first!) Pay for his own PS Live and fortnite packs He gets and email mini statement every Saturday and I get a text we we all know what's going on

SnuggyBuggy Tue 05-May-20 16:46:46

It's a good age as you still have control over them while they learn to manage money. I knew someone who went from being give £2 a week as a teenager then got a credit card at 18 and ran up a debt of several thousand over a load of shopping sprees.

xxxemzyxxx Tue 05-May-20 16:58:00

I got my first card at 11. Not much different to giving pocket money in cash in my opinion, kids will spend their money on what they want regardless. As you’ve said it should be a good learning curve for responsibly and budgeting.

MillicentMartha Tue 05-May-20 17:02:30

My DSes all got bank accounts at 13. Much easier to manage than trying to have the right change in cash. I pay/paid their pocket money by standing order. They can’t go overdrawn.

It’s worth investigating different banks to see which has the best child accounts, and then being prepared to change banks again when they become students.

Malbecfan Tue 05-May-20 17:05:22

Mine had them from age 12. Older DD looked at MSE and decided the one to get was Santander as they paid the most interest. Younger DD also chose Santander. I helped them open them then left them to it. DH and I paid in an allowance each month. They can't go overdrawn as others have said. Both are pretty good at budgeting. The Santander account was very easy to convert to a student one when both went to uni too. There is an app they can use to keep track of their funds too.

ReluctantHillCrester Tue 05-May-20 17:05:36

I would suggest a pre-paid card where you transfer money onto the card via an app. Plus you can set tasks or chores to be completed before you will transfer payment Far easier to control where they spend etc for starting them off. Go Henry is an example of this.

The drawback is the monthly or yearly fee but once you know they are learning about money you can easily switch them to a bank account.

dementedpixie Tue 05-May-20 17:07:20

There is no need for a prepaid card if they are old enough for a bank account with card. Child accounts cant go overdrawn and dont have a fee like prepaid cards

fallfallfall Tue 05-May-20 17:18:38

Tap on an Apple phone or watch? But indeed their own account is a great idea.

mamaoffourdc Tue 05-May-20 17:24:06

Mine have Osper cards - brilliant!!

dementedpixie Tue 05-May-20 17:26:01

Osper charges too. I wouldn't pay for it

Rockbird Tue 05-May-20 17:26:04

DD1 is 12 and has had an Osper card for a few years. Trying to apply for a current account for her but all the banks/building societies need you to come into the branch so that's not happening at the moment.

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