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COmedy/ famous comedians - suitable for Year 7 and Year 5 chn

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pasok1000 Sat 25-Apr-20 13:17:20

please which shows/ channels are good for children - not just films, but famous comedians shows?

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ReadilyAvailable Sat 25-Apr-20 13:21:57

Tim vine has some stuff that’s good for kids. DS1 had a joke book by him that he though was hilarious. Presumably (at least some of) his live stuff is family friendly. I don’t know though.

IDefinitelyHaveFriends Sat 25-Apr-20 13:28:09

Taskmaster on UKTV Play now has a PG edition which is brilliant, because most of the tasks and the jokes are fantastic for children once you snip out the occasional swearing and sex jokes. Each series stars five different comedians.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sat 25-Apr-20 14:16:12

Would I Lie to You? Is sharp, but PG.

Zhx3 Sat 25-Apr-20 14:20:09

Not stand up, but The Vicar of Dibley is a big hit in our house!

RevolutionofourTime Sat 25-Apr-20 16:16:37

Michael McIntyre

Would I lie to you

Have I got news for you

Zodlebud Sat 25-Apr-20 16:18:31

The Goes Wrong Show. My Y6 daughter is in hysterics every time we watch them (so are we).

pasok1000 Sun 26-Apr-20 21:09:51

thank you so much

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bellinisurge Sun 26-Apr-20 21:11:11

Foil Arms and Hog. Their recent Quarantine Maths Lesson was typically brilliant. On YouTube.

Pinkdelight3 Mon 27-Apr-20 12:08:33

Y7 and Y4 here. Blackadders 2/3/4 went down a treat. Some of Vic and Bob - Big Night Outs and Bang Bang, but not so much Smell Of. Now on Father Ted. There's a few jokes they don't get but they still really enjoy it.

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