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joing g&l

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funnymomsss Wed 15-Apr-20 08:57:30

one of my dds want to join Godolphin and latymer school next year. her school is top in her country and she is very all-rounded and academic. anyone can share the experience of applying that school or studying there ? And is there a high chance of getting in? My dd is from Asia. thank you very much

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MarchingFrogs Wed 15-Apr-20 09:36:39

No personal knowledge of the school, I'm afraid - but I do know that it is a day school, no boarders. Do you have relatives in the London area, with whom your DD could lodge during term time? Or are you considering moving to London as a family?

funnymomsss Wed 15-Apr-20 10:13:16

I have friends near that area but my dd's cousin was in a day school before and now in oxford and he said that his host family was pretty good so my dd said she might want to try that out as well

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ForeverbyJudyBlume Thu 16-Apr-20 15:30:49

Why on earth would you want to attend a day school rather than a boarding school when your family live thousands of miles away. Sorry, but that's a mad idea

Liam436 Sat 18-Apr-20 00:39:58

We applied for this school but weren't successful. Admission seemed to be very competitive.

MarchingFrogs Sat 18-Apr-20 07:41:38

Why on earth would you want to attend a day school rather than a boarding school when your family live thousands of miles away. Sorry, but that's a mad idea

Actually, I can see something of an attraction there. Decades ago, I attended a school which was predominantly boarding and it was quite normal for girls to arrive at the beginning of term, go home / to guardians or friends for half term, return for second half of term, go home at the end of term. Exeat weekends were just that, she may go out, not, we're shutting the school down for the weekend, now off you go home. In some ways, being away from home for school (like at boarding school), but living full time in the same place - especially if with family friends - and attending school daily from there doesn't seem such a bad idea. If you are going to be thousands of miles away from home for education purposes in the first place, that is.

funnymomsss Sat 18-Apr-20 07:58:31

@ForeverbyJudyBlume @MarchingFrogs sorry for the unclear info. dd is staying at my relatives home first then our whole family is moving to UK to work as my husband has been switched to UK to work

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funnymomsss Sat 18-Apr-20 08:01:03

@MarchingFrogs yes thank you very much. As many of my dd's friends are going to clc and she thinks there are too many classmates there, she doesn't want to attend the school. Instead, she wants to go to a better UK day school so she can learn more. May I know if there are any recommendations except for g&l ? thank you

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MarchingFrogs Sat 18-Apr-20 09:21:43

dd is staying at my relatives home first then our whole family is moving to UK to work as my husband has been switched to UK to work

Ah, that makes a bit more sense (although people do send their DC to the UK from all over the world for school).

Others will have to advise re Lonfon indies, I'm afraid - we are not in London and my personal experience is limited to the one I attended, far from the capital and long ago, as our DC attend/ed state schools.

Good luck with your search and movesmile.

funnymomsss Sat 18-Apr-20 14:32:48

@MarchingFrogs Thank you vey much. All the best to you and your family too!

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Parkerspiece Sat 18-Apr-20 17:37:19

There are a number of girls'/mixed schools in that area, all with outstanding results. It is important for you and your daughter to find out which one fits her the best. So I'd suggest you visit the school if you can.

On the chances of getting in, sorry that there is no clear answer. The only indication might be that they look for top 1-2% academically. Bear in mind that there are many other factors: performance on the test day, interview, school report etc.

funnymomsss Sun 19-Apr-20 14:04:45

thank you very much @Parkerspiece. does anyone know if they are only academic or if they take all-rounded students ? As my dd has achieved diploma in saxophone and she knows few more instruments and is good at long jump and was in athletics team.

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funnymomsss Sun 19-Apr-20 14:06:35

she is in the advanced math club, drama team, concert band and speech team. she has received numerous champions. but the thing is she not that top in academics = higher than average but definitely no the top ones. does it deserve a chance to try?

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Parkerspiece Sun 19-Apr-20 18:49:40

From what you described, she will certainly have a chance. The girl that I know is very similar, who got the offer from G&L.

The main issue is that almost each independent school has its own entrance test (though G&L is part of a group called "The London 11+ Consortium", where 13 school share the same test). It is therefore important to find the school suitable for you daughter and get familiar with the entrance requirements. Best of luck!

LondonJJ Sun 19-Apr-20 23:06:07

G&L is part of the 11+ Consortium which uses a single standard test for the group of girl’s schools:

G&L is arguably the most selective / hardest school to get a place in the group (probably because of their position in the results table and being independent school of the year etc).

But the test is meant to be designed so that it cannot be tutored for (VR & NVR based) rather than traditional maths & English papers. My impression is G&L want well rounded girls, but not necessarily in terms of a having a a traditional check list of achievements. It seems like a fantastic school - by all accounts nurturing whilst helping girls achieve great results. Our DD is starting in Sep but many of her friends applied and didn’t get offers so it is competitive to get in (but not as hard as St Paul’s girls school).

As others have advised, all schools have a different ethos and feel. It’s a big decision and if possible you should try and visit some of them.

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