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Moving to Winchester from overseas

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Claudia72 Sat 11-Apr-20 07:31:59

We are moving to Winchester over the summer from overseas, covid-19, permitting, and I have been looking at schools for our boys (12 and 14 year old). We are linked to Kings school and Westgate. From what I was told, Kings school is full.
It would be great if anyone could give me any feedback on both schools.

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TeenPlusTwenties Sat 11-Apr-20 17:18:51

All 3 secondary schools in Winchester are great (the 2 you mention and Henry Beaufort). To be honest I'd expect them all to be full, but whatever school either of your boys gets (and of course it could be different schools) will be fine. They all end up at Peter Symonds for 6th form anyway if they want to.

I live outside Winchester and my DD is at a different school, but from friends feedback my impression is:
- Kings is pushy
- Westgate is a great all round school
- Henry B is more relaxed (including less formal uniform) but good pastoral care and gets good results too

Claudia72 Mon 13-Apr-20 02:37:50

TeenPlusTwenties - Thks
We are trying to figure out what to do - state school or Independent. That will dictate where to live too.

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Witchlight Mon 13-Apr-20 03:37:57

The state schools in Winchester are excellent. If you are going to opt out of the state system, it must be for an absolutely brilliant private school that fits your child well.

The problem with independent schooling is that other than Winchester College there is very little for boys and Wincoll is boarding. King Ed’s in Southampton is good, but not so good you would spend money on it, given the state options.

Winchester College is brilliant for the able, academic boy, but you have missed the boat for their usual applications, but you could give it a go.

Other than Winchester college, I wouldn’t opt out of the state system as it is arguably better than the local independent options.

TeenPlusTwenties Mon 13-Apr-20 07:08:41

If it doesn't have to be Winchester, then Perrins in Alresford, The Romsey School & Mountbatten School in Romsey, Thornden in Chandlers Ford and even Toynbee in Chandlers Ford / Eastleigh are all pretty good too.

But your issue for all of them will be which schools actually have spaces. And of course you can't apply until you have an address in the UK.

Claudia72 Mon 13-Apr-20 08:17:16

Thanks all for your feedback. We have an address in Winchester. We will be buying something bigger onces we get there.

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Lemonsole Mon 13-Apr-20 08:48:29

It's not uncommon for families to have DC in different secondary schools in the city, so do see who's got space. They're geographically close enough together for travel to different schools not to be an issue if you live in the city centre. Kings and Westgate are both full, but the odd place does come up if families move. Henry B is definitely full in years 7 and 8, but would probably take more higher up.

There's not much to choose between them, other than preference. Kings has stuck fully to choosing options in year 9; the other choose in year 8 to narrow down in yr 9.

As a previous poster said, I really wouldn't bother with private, unless you want to pay the top whack for Win:Coll or St Swithuns. KES in Southampton is a good school, but there's no real academic reason to bother when the local schools and College do as well by their students as they do. This year 9 former Kings and 6 former Westgate students at Symonds secured Oxbridge offers.

LavenderLilacTree Mon 13-Apr-20 22:29:27

I second having a look at Perins, Alresford, fantastic school and lovely place to live. .

Claudia72 Wed 22-Apr-20 07:32:27

Thank you all for your valuable feedback
I am sure I will have more questions ;)

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