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Predicted grades for Year 12 students

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TheMotherofAllDilemmas Sat 04-Apr-20 23:16:23

Has anybody heard what will be the process to give year 12 students predicted grades this year?

There’s quite a lot of talk about how final A level grades will be calculated but have not seen anything about predicted grades for those applying for university this October/January.

Anyone has heard anything?

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titchy Sat 04-Apr-20 23:31:02

confused The same as usual - teacher predictions. Year 12 (in England anyway) don't do external exams usually so teachers predict grades for uni applications.

MarchingFrogs Sun 05-Apr-20 00:09:03

DS2's school still does AS levels, so will go through the Ofqual exercise for his year along with year 11 and year 13.

TheMotherofAllDilemmas Sun 05-Apr-20 00:10:04

My son is one of a handful of new kids in his school and one that looks like he doesn’t give a toss but does great in the exams. He had mostly 8s for his GCSEs, when the teachers had predicted 4s and 5s. I do really hope the consider the GCSEs as well as without mocks he is stuffed sad

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Womble65 Sun 05-Apr-20 00:26:04

Maybe the school will set exams the first week back in September (assuming that is when they reopen) and just mark very fast? Or if they won’t predict what he needs / actually gets he will just have to apply for the following year with results in hand.

I think more of a problem for next years cohort is that they won’t have don’t any open days. They really helped mine focus on which university’s they liked and which they knew wouldn’t suit them, even if they looked good on paper.

raspberryrippleicecream Sun 05-Apr-20 02:34:41

DS2's cohort was in the middle of Mocks the day schools closed. (They had already been hastily put on exam leave the previous Tuesday as staff started self-isolating). So at least his teachers will have a good chunk of exams to look at.

He was supposed to be doing AS FM, so will have that grade. He got all the mocks done for that, but others were self-isolating by then.

I agree about the open days, DS had quite a schedule for June, beginning of July.

DD didn't go to a lot of open days though. Partly because she wasn't engaging and partly because AS Further Maths went forever then (old version). Do in the summer we went to several unis just to look and get a feel for the location. That helped.

MarchingFrogs Sun 05-Apr-20 09:00:08

DS2 went to proper open days at Leeds and UEA back in October - his second visit to the latter, which he'd seen and fallen in love with when he went as one of DD's offer holder day 'guests'. Fortunately the course offered in his subject at both would suit him, so he won't be completely stuck for options. Predicted grades and actual offers permitting, of course. He also tagged along on a campus tour at Sussex, whose course meets with his approval on paper; he's booked on an October open day there. Fingers crossed the autumn open days will be okay to go ahead and it will just shift the if it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium period (to quote the title of an old film) back a bit, if one decides to go.

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