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Prom cancellation year 11

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Ifeel1000yearsold Wed 01-Apr-20 19:47:44

I just wanted to see what other schools are doing about Year 11 prom. Not sure if this is the right place. School have just written to say my DDs has been cancelled. I can’t believe given all this year group have been through it couldn’t have been postponed until autumn term.

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Mymomsbetterthanyomom Wed 01-Apr-20 19:50:52

I'm from the States but our school just confirmed yesterday that prom was canceled for us as well.
I'm curious about how graduation will be handled or if there will even be one.
It's tough to be a teen,especially a senior,right now.

maddy68 Wed 01-Apr-20 19:55:36

Cancelled in my school too

Redcrayons Wed 01-Apr-20 20:01:00

Not cancelled yet, I can’t see it going ahead though.

BlackHillsofDakota Wed 01-Apr-20 20:01:43

Cancelled here too, they did talk about putting it on in September but (hopefully) they will have started college and moved on by then so maybe won't be as keen to go back to school for prom.

Comefromaway Wed 01-Apr-20 20:02:33

We had a lovely email from the head of year.

“To all of our wonderful year 11, this is not the day you planned or expected, and it is not what we had planned for you either. We recognise your hard work feels in vain, but over the past 3 years you have grown and matured beyond measure. This was never more evident than today when you composed yourselves and supported each other (I was even made a brew!) Your kindness, actions towards others and empathy is what makes you, not your grades. The world feels strange for you but, we will make tomorrow as special as you are, and plan to give you the send off which you all deserve. Prom has not been cancelled and we will keep you fully informed. Don’t put pressure on yourselves or families for dresses and cars- we may end up having a “unique” event and a celebration. We don’t know yet. “

user1494055864 Wed 01-Apr-20 20:02:56

Ours has been cancelled, but some sort of prom will happen, according to the teachers. Not sure how or when. Trouble is, dd1 has a prom dress that needs altering, but obviously her dress fitting and alterations have been cancelled, along with her practice hair up appointment at the hairdressers. So all our carefully organised and pre-booked preparations weeks in advance won't be happening now anyway.

BackforGood Fri 03-Apr-20 00:04:18

Something may well be arranged in the Autumn, but, as no-one yet has a clue when gatherings like this will be allowed to happen again, there is no point in speculating, is there?

So many schools have much bigger things to worry about at the moment.

Mymomsbetterthanyomom Fri 03-Apr-20 03:39:12

Most of our senior's(12th graders) will be off to college in the fall so I don't think that would work for our school.(Oklahoma,America)
BUT,I think it's great for any schools that can still salvage Prom.

BubblesBuddy Fri 03-Apr-20 09:13:16

I don’t know who actually organised state school proms, but the leavers ball at DDs independent school was totally organised by parents. Not teachers. Therefore I would start looking at a parent committee ASAP and I would look at after Christmas. Schools go back before universities and colleges and there would be a window in early January. Schools should be flexible but I think moving organisation to parents would help everyone. September might be too early. There might even be other venues that could help out.

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 03-Apr-20 09:27:21

They have to though, don't they, I can't see any way in which they could carry on with plans for it this summer. I'm sure they will give them a good send off by some means or other.

Syncrows Fri 03-Apr-20 09:29:55

Probably be autumn, which is a bit sad really

KoalasandRabbit Fri 03-Apr-20 09:36:53

Everything has been cancelled at our school through to September - I don't think anything will get rearranged until they know school will be open and events allowed.

Appuskidu Fri 03-Apr-20 09:39:27

Everything has been cancelled for my Y11-prom, day trip out, y12 induction (July) and leavers assembly. They have said they will try to organise something in the autumn term if things are back to normal then but can’t give any details which I think is completely fair enough.

They can’t reschedule with venues at the moment because nobody knows what is going on.

Groovee Fri 03-Apr-20 09:44:22

Cancelled for S6 and the venue is refusing to give the money back! 🤬🤬

GuyFawkesDay Fri 03-Apr-20 09:47:09

Ours will be done when we can. We've promised them they will have their prom. And they will.

HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime Fri 03-Apr-20 09:48:41

My school do an awards evening in October, so this is being combined with the cancelled prom into a promesque awards dinner dance type event.

Darbs76 Fri 03-Apr-20 17:40:24

Ours is in July and they’ve said venue has said wait and see at the moment

Aragog Fri 03-Apr-20 17:43:33

DD is in Y13, but their school were also planning a Y11 prom.

They've had emails to tell them to hang on to their dresses and suits, and thy will be having proms as a get together celebration in Autumn.

June2008 Fri 03-Apr-20 18:23:38

Ours has been provisionally re-booked for September.
On the last day of term all the stops were pulled out and we had a full sit down lunch with speeches and videos. It was lovely but very emotional (and as good as it could be!). We did did everything we could for them.

WeAllHaveWings Fri 03-Apr-20 18:28:48

Our school has cancelled theirs, but haven't closed off the possibility of having one later.

If the school isn't doing one , and let's face it they are going to have a lot on their plates this year that is much more important, could the parents?

Fruitloopcowabunga Sat 04-Apr-20 16:35:16

Our school has said there will be one but they can't predict when. we've had lots of updates from them about various things, all beautifully written and apt to make me cry!

Mymomsbetterthanyomom Sun 05-Apr-20 05:45:21

Our seniors will mostly be off to college so they wouldn't even have time to come back for that.
But our then 11'th and 12th grader's might be interested.....but football season has by that point.

I think it's fantastic though if it works for your school.👌🤗
Ours is cancelled and most of the kids are definitely sad but get it.

Mymomsbetterthanyomom Sun 05-Apr-20 05:47:23

Our 12th graders will be off to college/university and high school awards will be furthest from their minds at that point.

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