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Grammar school appeal 1 Dr challoners grammar school

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Najaf Wed 01-Apr-20 16:04:23

My sons have been allocated Chesham grammar. I know it's a great school. But it was my third choice. My case is v complex

I am divorced. My ex initially consented to allow my sons to go to RGS boarding. One of the twins got a place and the other didn't . I accepted the place and in Dec 2019, my ex contacts the school
Saying he disagrees. I contact the school and ask if everything is still ok. The head of boarding said that he will accept my application with just my name on it. Just in case, I applied to court for an order. A date for may is given. I hear nothing until 2 days before bucks county's acceptance deadline where the school withdraws the place saying they needed both parents authorization before the application. The bucks dispute guidelines state a schoolplace should be kept open for upto 6 weeks. I s as m obviously appealing the decision but the court situstuon is unknown due to covid

The fall back is now the boys are allocated Chesham. I argued why dr challoners was not given. They said that in November, I was asked to fill out a "mandatory" Sif form to be handed in by 30nov 2019 otherwise the application would not be considered.. I have since discovered that a Sif is "not obligatory" for any parent to fill out according to bucks admission arrangement. Does that mean that dr challoners misled parents by stating in the email that it was mandatory as they are supposed to follow legislation. Was anyone else emailed??

On the Sif form I wrote that I moved out of my old marital home in Xmas day 2016 which I know was silly but I couldn't remember the date and I thought I would supply evidence when asked but they never asked. In feb 2020 I asked about what address was being used when I found out they were using my old Uxbridge address. I supplied evidence of council tax and utility bill but dcgs refused the evidence?! I challenged that my evidence should override the mistake on my Sif form and they should accept my csp address as I moved out in aug 2016 which means I've lived in area for 4 years. I contacted my Mp, a solicitor. Nothing worked?!
The school kept saying you have to go to appeal which is nonsense and unlawful in my opinion ( and solicitor opinion!)

Can someone please advice

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Zodlebud Thu 02-Apr-20 09:56:41

You have had plenty of replies on your other Post.

OnlyJudyCanJudgeMe Thu 02-Apr-20 10:01:57

You’ve been told on your other post that you’re the one who made the mistake and you’ve had lots of useful replies there!

Najaf Thu 02-Apr-20 10:44:02

Surely a mistake is exactly that. Evidence should overrule a mistake on a form and should be rectified according to my understanding of legislation.

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Ntb1979 Tue 26-May-20 08:27:57

Update: I won my appeal. I was the only one who won out of my batch and my school that I know of. 2 spaces granted. If a mistake is made on a form, it is allowed to be rectified by law.

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