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A-Levels and Home ED

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bmblawyer Mon 23-Mar-20 07:16:41

My daughter should have been taking her A-Levels this summer which she is now obviously not. However, she is Home-Ed which means although she has some "predicted" grades from her online tutors (not an official school or anything) she doesn't hasn't done any mock exams or other assessments that they can use (apart from iGCSE's). Any ideas where home-ed students stand on this or what we should do?

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crazycrofter Mon 23-Mar-20 12:33:35

There will be a lot of home educators in this boat. I suggest you ask on one of the Facebook groups - I know there’s one for home educators taking exams. From a home educating friend, I understand they want to offer the same process as to schooled students but she’s not pursuing it as her daughter was just taking some early in year 10.

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