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Calculators (GCSE and A Level)

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RedskyAtnight Tue 17-Mar-20 16:24:00

So I need to get DS a new calculator.

He is (hopefully) about to sit GCSE so he needs one that satisfies GCSE requirements.

However, he might be going on to take A Level maths next year, so I'd ideally like to buy one calculator that will be fine for that as well.

Any recommendations?

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noblegiraffe Tue 17-Mar-20 16:59:13

This one is the generally recommended one for A-level.

RedskyAtnight Tue 17-Mar-20 17:14:28

Thanks noble - and I presume that is ok to use for GCSE as well (it doesn't have any functions it shouldn't have, for example)?

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noblegiraffe Tue 17-Mar-20 17:16:30

Yes, it’s allowed at GCSE too and has lots of handy functions like solving quadratics and simultaneous equations that he should look up! Lots of videos online.

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