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Kingsdale Foundation School-What's it like?

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HapppyDaze Fri 13-Mar-20 14:23:09

My DS has been offered a place at Kingsdale for year 7. TBH it wasn't my first choice when i included it on the e admissions form but it has an outstanding ofsted and appears to be highly regarded although it is not in my area and i don't know anyone who goes there. i am feeling a bit nervous.Can anyone tell me about this school, good or bad. Is it overhyped and will it be worth the hour's journey from home to get there? Is bullying an issue? My DS is a bright boy so it would be helpful to know if the school tends to be challenging academically . Thanks in advance for all helpful comments.

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JemmaJ Fri 13-Mar-20 17:10:22

My son is in year 7 and is enjoying it. Lots of great extra curricular opportunities and he seems to enjoy most of the lessons. Homework is - on and off - a bit bonkers. I wouldn’t worry about starting with friends - they tend to go their own way anyway - certainly in my sons case. I think we have a culture where lots of schools are either unfairly stigmatised or over hyped. I suspect that in reality, with the right home support, it would all even out in the wash. His friends are spread out far and wide, but there’s a good few nearby too and they can otherwise meet in the middle. The first half term is really gruelling and the travel is a shock to begin with. But it’s amazing how quickly they adjust. My son has a 3/4 hour journey door to door. It’s absolutely fine now, but it was tiring at first and there’s no denying it’s great to have a school you like that you can walk to. But we are happy with the school so far, and pleased with all the great opportunities, which the school go out of their way to deliver on, from music and performing arts, to sport and art.

FrankieManca Fri 13-Mar-20 17:38:48

Presumably your other options were worth travelling an hour to avoid?

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