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Lightninq Tue 10-Mar-20 16:34:02

I'm going to be joining SPGS soon (next year) and was wondering if any of you had a DD who goes there? If you do, is there any advice that you could give me? Some other girls from my school are going but I doubt we will be in the same class. What about the standard? I'm not the greatest at maths and better at English, is that okay? What things do you have to know before joining? Help please! ♥️

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TeenPlusTwenties Tue 10-Mar-20 16:40:53

I don't have a daughter at SPGS, but if you passed their entrance tests you will be just as capable as any other pupil.
Really, if you are worried or have questions you need to be talking to your Mum or Dad or other carer, as this site isn't aimed at young children.
I hope you enjoy your new school.

myorangecrush Wed 11-Mar-20 14:18:59

Hi Lightninq, congratulations! From my experience as a parent (of a very happy but much older student!) you will have a tea in summer term where you’ll meet your form and tutor and the relevant teachers will answer any questions you have and give you a little bit of info about starting school. Your parents will get more info closer to the time. If you have been offered a place then you will do very well at the school and if you’re worried about anything, I agree you should speak to a parent or teacher in your current school. All the best!

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