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cantwait2020 Sun 08-Mar-20 23:29:19

After a long tiring 11+ process we've been offered Kew house school, views from parents from here would be great my daughter has slow processing speed so would like to know if the support is good? Any other positive or negatives would be good to hear thanks a lot

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GJggflip Tue 10-Mar-20 11:43:36

Our neighbours kids go there and they love it. They are completely different boys (one is sporty and into science/maths, the other more creative/drama focused). Also, a mother at my current school highly recommends the structure of the school curriculum and the SEN help which her older son receives - he is in year 8. For those who need SEN support, its usually before or after school (doesn't disrupt coursework) and the english and math is done in 6 separate sets based on ability. So, your daughter will be in a group that hopefully is at the right pace for her for english and maths. My son is going to start there in Sept so I have been speaking to a lot of current parents who all say really positive things. Glad your process is successfully done!

cantwait2020 Tue 10-Mar-20 12:07:46

Thank you for your response it really helps... hope to meet you soon I've also heard a lot of positive things so hopefully all will be good. looking forward to it all.

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