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Grey Coats

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Malmontar Mon 02-Mar-20 22:16:57

@tiggermummy70 Unfortunately I don't think the size or lack of an EHCP is the problem at these schools. Our DD has ended up at a school with a high SEN population and generally much bigger than GCH. Because they have so many kids with SEN they can play around with the money much more and she is getting amazing support alongside kids without EHC plans. It makes no difference if your child has an extra £10k thanks to their EHCP if there's only a handful of them in the school. There are loads of schools not meeting the requirements of EHC plans as they don't have the funds to.
Also, sorry to hear your daughter isn't getting the support she needs. Unfortunately support for ADD is much more difficult to come by than support for dyslexia.
OP I wouldn't get disheartened. They well be able to give her the support she needs, contact them. The Senco was v nice when I met her.

tiggermummy70 Mon 02-Mar-20 22:07:30

one of mine goes there and has ADD.
she was never given any support by her primary not diagnosed until Yr 5.
GCH was ok to start with but as they are such a big school I think they have forgotten her issues.
possibly with EHCP in place things might be better. They did bring for an extra morning in last term of yr6.

Malmontar Mon 02-Mar-20 21:58:18

Our DD has an EHCP and this was one of the, what feels like hundreds of, schools we saw. Tbh I would request to meet with the senco as they do have more money than the average state so could potentially cater for a dyslexic child (depends on severity) but for the level of support we needed, and I don't mean to worry you, the SEN care was almost nonexistent and there were v few girls that had SEN.

I would definitely get in touch with the senco though as you may find, for what you need, they may be excellent.

Halfsongs1 Mon 02-Mar-20 21:05:12

Been offered a place at Grey coats school, (3rd choice ) just wanted to find out if anyone has a child there with dyslexia that attends

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