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follygirl Sun 01-Mar-20 17:10:45

My daughter is at Stahs and is in Year 11, she started in Reception.
She and I love the school and she is very happy there. I would say that it's made her very well rounded as sport, drama and music play a big part in the school as well as the academic side. She's treated as a young adult and the teachers could not be more supportive.
She is hoping to study Vet Med at University.

Baaaahhhhh Sun 01-Mar-20 12:35:54

St Albans and Guildford are comparable as towns, in house prices, in top 25 commutable to London, in standard of living, in crime.

GHS is one of the top 5 schools in the country, St Albans is top 30.

I know GHS, I know nothing about St Albans, but I would say there seems very little between either the schools or the location.

Perhaps the ease of finding a house to buy or rent might be the best place to start?

Fifthtimelucky Sat 29-Feb-20 20:34:12

I suspect very few people will have experience of both schools. We loved GHS but have no idea about St Albans.

I'm surprised you haven't already decided, though, especially as you are planning to move house!

TalaxuArmiuna Sat 29-Feb-20 16:02:38

St Albans is definitely a nicer place to live in (or near) than Guildford but I have no idea which of the two schools is better.

Aku123 Sat 29-Feb-20 15:54:59

Yes we will be relocating

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Baaaahhhhh Sat 29-Feb-20 15:51:53

Will you be moving to be closer to either one? They are very far apart in terms of distance.

Aku123 Sat 29-Feb-20 15:46:14

Daughter has got an offer from Guildford High School and St Albans High school for girls - so confused which one to choose - any feedback will help

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