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LAtin or comp science- GCSE

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MarchingFrogs Sat 29-Feb-20 08:22:26

He could ask the subject teachers for information on the syllabus for each subject. Or have a look on the school's website under the 'curriculum' or 'KS4' / 'GCSE' tab to see if there is a good description there? Or look at the GCSE spec and associated materials for each subject on the relevant exam board(s)' website.

Of course the work will get 'tougher' in either subject, but how much harder an individual student will find it, relative to the level they have already attained at any given point , will vary.

e.g. I got an A in Latin O level, as I also did in French, German and Spanish and in German at A level, because I found that I enjoyed and had a facility for languages. Computer Science O level didn't exist, so I have no idea whether or not I might have found I had a similar facility for that.

If your DS enjoys both subjects equally, there is an argument for going with the one he is better at, but if these are a 'direct swap' for each other as options and he has a personal preference for on or the other, he should go with the one he enjoys more, unless he is really likely to bomb in it (it is possible to enjoy something but just not do well in assessments and vice versa).

Alsoplayspiccolo Fri 28-Feb-20 18:13:56

DD is taking Latin GCSE this summer.
Because so few people take it, the grade boundaries tend to be on the higher side.

In year 8, I'm guessing your DS won't have started the literature part yet. So, whilst he may find the language part easy, there are 2 literature papers which are quite different.
DD finds language tricky, as she struggled to remember all the vocab, but does really well in the lit because it suits her learning strengths (she's good at English lit too).

TalaxuArmiuna Fri 28-Feb-20 18:01:17


when I did GCSEs there wasn't computer science available at my school but - I really enjoyed doing Latin gcse and i still remember and use a lot of the knowledge gained. when i needed to learn more about computer science as part of my physics degree I was able to learn everything I needed within a few weeks, so tbh I think a computer science gcse wouldn't be massively useful.

don't choose any GCSE on the basis of what you think might be easy. it's a foolish waste of time to approach from that angle. they all require you to work hard and the subjects which might seem easy on the surface will have a bunch of theory and related topics which will be a disappointment for those seeking an easy ride.

the point of gcses is to (a) prepare the way for a-levels or other further study in the 3 or 4 subjects you might want to take forward (b) prove that you can reach a basic minimum standard of numeracy and literacy in case you don't choose to get further qualifications in maths/english and (c) provide a reasonably standardised measure by which employers can assess your capacity for absorbing and acting on information provided, if you start applying for jobs with no further post-GCSE.

you will do best in subjects you enjoy best.

mumhelp07 Fri 28-Feb-20 17:46:08

Question from my DS who goes to grammar school

I am confused between computer science and Latin for gcse. I like both. I got 100% in Latin in Jan 2020. I am in year 8. I want to find out - in which subject , is it easy to get 9 in GCSE?

I am interested to know - does Latin or comp science gets tougher ?

Help please

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