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Bancroft’s School or Woodford County Grammar?

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Battenburg11 Tue 25-Feb-20 07:23:56

We’re likely to be offered a place at our local grammar, Woodford and also have received an offer just down the road from Woodford, the independent school, Bancroft’s.

Bancroft’s is just about affordable but it’ll mean very careful budgeting of our spending. DD doesn’t mind either school.

Does anyone know about these schools and can provide any insight please or a parent that has been in a similar situation and what did you choose in the end?


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MrsMummyBx Thu 30-Apr-20 08:27:28

@Battenburg11 what did you decide? I went to WCHS albeit 20 odd years ago - but I live in the local area and can offer some insight if you need?

Creamegg11 Thu 30-Apr-20 08:37:04

Thanks. We chose WCHS. Had a tour by some of the six formers and they seem proud of their school, pupils looked engage in their lessons but any feedback would be appreciated.

MrsMummyBx Thu 30-Apr-20 23:25:55

@Creamegg11 I received a fab education - top grades, and offers from all unis I applied to including an unconditional offer (not sure they do these any more!). Me and my peers all had tuition on the side in certain subjects - this is standard. The friends I made there have become lifelong friends and though we all have moved to different places we are all still best friends and in touch daily. Bullying was practically nonexistent and children from down to earth backgrounds rather than the new money brigade where the kids are focussed on latest school bags and shoes (this was the case in the all through school I came from). I do think school was less supportive for those that didn’t do so well but these people were very much the minority. The demographic has changed a bit since I was there but I think the overall ethos is quite similar. Free and great education - what’s not to like!

Creamegg11 Fri 01-May-20 22:35:09

Thanks so much. That’s reassuring to hear. We were pondering whether an all girls school would be a good fit for secondary so she also sat Latymer grammar. It was difficult turning down Bancroft’s but I think we made the right choice with WCHS. It’s a larger intake of girls at 120 compared to the previous 90 and I hope this won’t be an issue. I’m hoping they’ll have the taster day in July coronavirus permitting.

Creamegg11 Fri 01-May-20 22:36:12

Actually I just remembered, it’s actually 180 girls

MrsMummyBx Sun 03-May-20 10:41:01

There were 120 per year when I was there but wouldn’t worry that it’s got a bit bigger In terms of intake, we didn’t really know the other classes well but within our class we all got on well and were v polite to teachers etc - as I said my closest friends to this day were made there :-)

winterisstillcoming Sun 03-May-20 10:50:27

Old woodfordian here. Had the same dilemma but parents couldn't afford Bancrofts. Woodford likely looks better on the UCAS form but my experience at the time wasn't pleasant and I've heard the girls are really competitive there. Also Bancroft has a boys division so she'll get a balance. Woodford is academic and Bancroft will have a better enrichment offer.

I would base it on if your child is more academic, and will go on to do something academic, or medicine, Woodford, or if she is an all rounder and might want to do the arts or something vaguer then Bancrofts.

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