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GCSE short courses

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forsale Wed 05-Sep-07 12:45:04

dd took a short course in RE and ICT and has just received her grades which are not good given her capabilities. She is quite upset by the ICT one which was D! She did express some confusion during the course and tried to enlist the help of her tutor but he never seemed able to get to her. Is it all lost now or can she resit? As it happens nhe is also her HoY this year and so I need to see him to discuss how she was so far off what was expected of her oin both subjects (she was on line for A in RE but got a C)

amicissima Wed 05-Sep-07 18:15:45

You could ask the school to request her papers for each exam and have a look yourself, or better still, see if her teachers will go over the paper with her (you might have to pay). Which year is she? Would resitting add to a GCSE burden this summer?

leo1978 Wed 05-Sep-07 21:31:38

What are her plans for next year? If she is going on to A Levels and it impacts her choice then meet with the Head and request the papers - make it clear to the Head of Sixth form that this is what you are doing so everyone who needs to know is in the loop. If it doesn't impact her choice, it's not really worth resitting as it will interfere with her A Levels.
If she's in Year 10, the school can pay for a resit if you request it depending on their exam policy.

Blandmum Wed 05-Sep-07 21:32:45

ost school will let them resit. But does she need the short course GCSEs? Is she wanting to follow them up at AS?

forsale Wed 05-Sep-07 21:43:24

shes just gone into year 10. Ive made an appointment to speak with her ICT teacher as she had requested assistance many times during the course which was not forthcoming. she is upset at her crap grade and so wants a chance to try and improve on it.

SHe's only doing German GCSE this summer and the rest to follow in year 11.

leo1978 Wed 05-Sep-07 22:00:37

OK - you want her to retake it then and the school to pay. Make sure you speak to the Headteacher as they make final decisions about retakes.

forsale Wed 05-Sep-07 23:17:50

oh no i'd wouldbnt expect the school to foot the bill but would welcome some guidance and a spot of assistance on the areas where dd had requested help

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