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SPGS & G&L or Wycombe Abbey

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Banners75 Mon 24-Feb-20 11:52:54

We are in a fortune position to choose between the 3 schools. We don’t have experience with boarding but DD really wants to go. SPGS and G&L are on our doorstep. Was anyone else in this situation and chose boarding. If you have DD at WA I would love to hear feedback. Those with DD at SPGS is it very sporty with regular tournaments and sports competitions? With extra curricular activities, what times does the day end and if they have morning clubs what time is start? Thanks in advance for all feedback!

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HighRopes Mon 24-Feb-20 14:27:27

SPGS has lots of sports stuff going on - there’s a whole fixtures bit on their website which shows you how much. Plus there’s a lot of in-school competitions at Y7 level, from what I’ve heard football, gymnastics, lacrosse, netball (I’m sure more, but my dd is not at all sporty). The practises are organised before school (7.30am), after school (which ends at 4.00, so after that) and during half of the long lunch break (1.5 hours) and the deal is that you have to go to all of them to be on a team (that’s 3 or 4 practices per week). Everyone who wants to be involved can be - they set up as many teams as they have people who want to be in them.

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