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St Paul’s Junior and Senior

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user34254356 Fri 21-Feb-20 14:32:59

Looking to get opinions / experiences from parents at SPS. How is the school in terms of pastoral care? I have read a few posts suggesting that it is an alpha male environment. Would the school suit a sensitive boy? How is the school in terms of supporting boys or do they assume a one size fits all approach without catering to individual needs?

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Jensboys Fri 21-Feb-20 15:29:29

DS1 is in the Sixth Form at SPS (GCSE Year). He joined at 13. He is one of the youngest in his year. There is a real mix of boys at the school, sensitive and otherwise and they all find groups of friends that work for them. IMO, the tutor system is probably the best I’ve seen in providing pastoral care and DS has been supported in a number of ways over the last three years. The tutors and teachers legitimately care about the progress of the boys both pastorally and academically and a lot of emphasis is placed on informing boys (and parents) of the importance of mental health. The school consists of boys with a range of strengths and interests, music, sport, drama, science, etc and all at a high standard. Each boy is appreciated for what they bring and given the opportunity to try the things that they might not be the best at. We have had no regrets whatsoever in DS attending the school and are extremely proud at the young man he has become.

user34254356 Sat 22-Feb-20 14:02:25

Thank you that's very helpful. I have heard very positive things about the Senior school. Any Junior school parents who can offer some perspective on the junior school? We have an 11+ offer and keen to know more about the environment in the school and whether there is excessive competition.

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