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Forest school?

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leeloo1 Thu 20-Feb-20 15:19:47

Has anyone heard anything about offers yet? It says "offers posted" today - I'm guessing that probably means actual letters?

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buttonsbows Thu 20-Feb-20 17:15:42

The info letter said results posted by first class so hopefully in tomorrow's post.

Battenburg11 Thu 20-Feb-20 17:31:13

Bancroft’s said the same but I got emailed today too

leeloo1 Thu 20-Feb-20 17:36:52

Thanks @buttonsbows and @Battenburg11. It seems crazy in this day and age to be using snail mail, but as there's still no email from them then it's looking likely.

Battenburg11 - I hope the email from Bancroft was good news for you.

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Battenburg11 Thu 20-Feb-20 17:58:34

Thanks. My DD got offered Bancroft’s via email today with an offer letter in the post but it’s likely she’ll go to Woodford County as we’ll struggle with the fees.

Good luck with yours.

leeloo1 Thu 20-Feb-20 18:41:51

@Battenburg11 - fantastic news, well done to your dd. Its great to have options. 🙂

Out of interest, what was your dd's interview like at bancroft? Someone from my ds' school had a horrific one there - lots of maths questions fired at him and another child and they were scored against each other as they went! The boy left traumatised and vowing never to go there again and he's usually an even tempered, placid kid.

Thanks re ds. Fingers crossed for early post and good news tmrw. 🤞

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Battenburg11 Thu 20-Feb-20 19:16:09

My DD got interviewed by the Head at Bancroft’s but she wasn’t aware until the end. He asked her and the other child climate change questions and their thoughts on a piece of art. That and general questions. She found the interview ok.

At Forest, questions asked if her seemed to have covered everything from the generic ones to what do you see yourself doing as a career to what would you do as a Prime Minister.

leeloo1 Thu 20-Feb-20 20:25:39

I think bancroft must be very interviewer specific then. Friends little boy had head of maths. Thanks for indulging my curiosity. 🙂

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SerenAstra Fri 21-Feb-20 09:27:21

I'm waiting for Forest today too. Fingers crossed for everyone!

leeloo1 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:25:03

@SerenAstra - good luck to you too. Its nice to have company during the wait.

This whole 11+ process has been a thoroughly stressful experience all round! 😔

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SerenAstra Fri 21-Feb-20 11:20:20

Just got our letter, DS has been wait listed. He's very sad!

Jane077 Fri 21-Feb-20 11:46:06

@SerenAstra sorry it’s not a straight yes, I’m sure there will be waitlist movement.
@leeloo1 I’ve been thinking of you and hoping good news

SerenAstra Fri 21-Feb-20 11:47:26

@jane077 thank you! Fingers crossed.

leeloo1 Fri 21-Feb-20 11:58:35

@SerenAstra - I'm so sorry to hear that. We've had a few such disappointments and ds was deeply upset at the time, but luckily seems to bounce back quickly. If it's any help we focus on how many kids applied and how well he did to get so far in the process.

@Jane077 - thanks, we're still waiting for the postman here! hmm I know you don't 'need' the offer, but have you heard from forest yet?

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Jane077 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:15:47

@leeloo1 we have heard, received offer and rang up and turned down. They were v nice on phone. I do really rate Forest and would love my second DS to go there. We are still in WUS quandary but more leaning towards HG at the mo. Hope you’re well.

leeloo1 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:18:13

@SerenAstra and @Jane077 - it's wait list for us too.

@Jane077 - thanks and congrats re the offer. I replied to your pm, I hope you got it.

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Battenburg11 Fri 21-Feb-20 13:42:00

My DD received an offer too from Forest just now but I will decline the offer. Hopefully those on the wait-list and wanting to attend Forest will get some good news.

leeloo1 Fri 21-Feb-20 14:32:09

Thanks to those declining their offers so quickly. Hopefully the waiting list will move fast at that rate.

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Blinks20 Sat 22-Feb-20 22:16:46

Just wondering which schools people are going with ?
We have received offers for Bancrofts , Chigwell and Forest. DS, unhelpfully, doesn’t have any preference. We always hoped for Chigwell as felt Bancrofts would be a No. So it’s really thrown us now in terms of what to do.

MarchingFrogs Sun 23-Feb-20 07:15:20

If he genuinely has no preference and you believe that Bancrofts would really be the best school for him, then go with that? As opposed to ?thinking that Bancrofts must be the best, because it is meant to be the most 'desirable'? (I really have no idea about the pecking order of these schools).

chitchattery Sun 23-Feb-20 08:01:45

@Blinks20 DS was in the same position a few years ago. He preferred Chigwell because they were given chips at the interviewhmm but actually chose Bancroft’s in the end and didn’t regret it at all. DD went to Forest at 4 and stayed through to 16 but then swapped to Bancroft’s for sixth form. She felt that Bancroft’s matched her ambition in the science/maths areas and she was delighted with the experience and her outcomes. If your DS is comfortable in an ambitious academic environment then I’d say go for Bancroft’s although I know that’s hard to tell at 11. Think about the travel as well as there is lots of after school stuff at all of them so the day can get long.

Battenburg11 Sun 23-Feb-20 10:28:11

Does anyone have any views on Woodford County grammar just down the road from Bancroft’s. If I was financially comfortable, I’d choose Bancroft’s but looking at results and in general both schools are quite on par with each other?

buttonsbows Sun 23-Feb-20 17:38:20

@Blinks20 We are in a similar position and are choosing between offers from Forest and Bancroft’s after being surprised by Bancroft's. I'm not much help to you but currently working on a pros and con list, DD is going to attend both open mornings and we'll make a final decision then.

Spoiltbutnothappy Mon 24-Feb-20 16:19:15

OP, hope you get the offer you want soon.

After coming back from halfterm, DC had an offer in the post so we called Forest today and let them know that the place can go to someone on the WL. We all really loved Forest but have a couple of other offers that are more suitable and convenient.

Good luck, everyone!

Battenburg11 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:33:50

Out of interest, did Forest asked you what school will your child be going to in September when you declined their offer as that’s what they asked me?

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