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Best secondary schools in Crowethorne/Finchampstead/Bagshot area?

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Olanr Thu 20-Feb-20 10:28:56


Looking for some advice on the school situation in Bagshot where we have potentially found a house that we like.

It appears as if the primary schools are OK (Please correct me if I am wrong!). However the house would firmly be in the catchment for Collingwood. Could anyone please advise on how the school is viewed nowadays?

For information our DD is 10 months old. We are just doing some long term planning. The other areas that we are looking at are Finchampstead and Crowethorne.

Appreciate any help!

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Ohhgreat Thu 20-Feb-20 10:31:43

Honestly - theres no point looking at secondary schools now if you wont need them for ten years, schools will change substantially in that time. The number of schools that were rated Ofsted outstanding ten years ago that have now been judged requires improvement (or worse!) is testament to that. Focus on being in catchment for your preferred primary school.

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