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Painful decision - London consortium schools

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clevud Sun 16-Feb-20 17:06:16

My daughter applied to SHHS, Channing, FH RP, Queen's College. She got through interview stage for all (although Channing and QC interview all applicants before results). She received an offer from QC and waiting for Channing. Although moderately pleased she did not fluke all, I'm now in 2 minds: Channing is the furthest 45 min minimum. Too much time spent on train and bus, she won't have time to rest , do her swimming sessions and, most importantly, homework. QC a lovely environment, but I'm concerned that there is no outdoor space and that doesn't come across as very academic. For example they don't seem to have academic lectures like FH (not to mention NLC which sounds like a university!). It also seems so focused on drama and dance which my daughter has no interest in. We selected it as a fall back option and because the headteacher seems very energetic and full of ideas , plus the language department is good. We are disappointed that FH didn't even put her on WL as it'd have been the perfect choice and we'd have accepted the offer straight away. Any advice or views on these schools would be welcome. Ta!

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Autumnnightsaredrawingin Sun 16-Feb-20 17:22:54

I have a friend who has a daughter at QC who absolutely loves it. So much so, that’s that’s where they have chosen for their second daughter to go, even though she could have gone to one of the ‘more academic’ schools.

As someone else on the SW London girls thread said, the distance to school is a huge factor. I obviously have no personal experience of it, but my friend’s daughter is very happy. Good luck.

clevud Sun 16-Feb-20 17:34:32

Thanks @autumnightsaredrawingin that's encouraging. Do you know by chance what they like most a and what they think of the academic side? It seems like a soft/girly school (with all due respect) compared to other where girls seem more assertive, curious and independent women. Just my impression.

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Americanhoney Thu 20-Feb-20 07:45:53

Bumping as interested to hear more experiences on QC.

underprepared Thu 20-Feb-20 20:28:52

I definitely wouldn't travel 45 minutes each way especially for Channing where most of the girls will live more locally. QC is a really lovely school. It may be less academically selective but the top end is just as strong. There is a lot of academic extension, girls receiving Oxbridge offers, and excellent pastoral care. My friend's daughter has done extremely well there. Apparently they use Paddington Rec grounds for sport nearby.

clevud Fri 21-Feb-20 10:30:32

Thanks @underprepared, such a relief. Not that we live round the corner from QC ! But on jubilee line it's 30 min door to door. No bus. So more reliable. Good to know there's academic extension!.

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Autumnnightsaredrawingin Fri 21-Feb-20 15:43:34

Sorry for delayed reply. My friend just really loves it. She says the headmaster is excellent, the girls all lovely, and that it feels like a really happy school. They are happy with it academically too. Her eldest DD loves it, and as I said, her second one will be going even with the option to go to a ‘more academic’ school. Hope that helps!

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