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Hampton or LU

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INDBF Sun 16-Feb-20 14:29:55

Anyone with experience of both?!
DS got offers from a few schools and have narrowed it down to Hampton and LU.
LOVE Hampton and know happy boys there and have looked round several times and had taster sessions there.
Like LU a lot when we went round but don't feel we know the school very well. Only know girls there, no boys.
Logistically wise there is no contest- school bus for 7 years to Hampton v cycle/ public transport to LU.
DS not super sporty but not averse to it, not particularly musical or into drama etc. Likes learning, interested in the world about him, pretty robust character.
Very grateful to have offers to choose from and I suspect we should go for the nearest but definitely have a soft spot for Hampton!

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Stormdennis Sun 16-Feb-20 14:49:09

A no brainer in my opinion! Both schools are fantastic but I am biased as I have DS at LU. The teaching is remarkable and the opportunities amazing, we have been so impressed with he effort and attention our DS is getting in his GCSE year especially (just wish he’d acknowledge it and take advantage of it more!). Distance though should be a big deciding factor - I would not want to subject him to 7 years of a lond coach journey back and forth to Hampton if there is a chance to go to LU and cycle to school. It’s hard enough getting them out of bed as they get older so minimise the journey! Happy to answer any questions if you want to PM me.

INDBF Sun 16-Feb-20 18:24:41

Thanks Storm- May well message you!

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