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NO offer London Independent Schools

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mama99 Sat 15-Feb-20 15:35:06

Hi there. We are an international family relocating to London in the summer. My DD applied to the 11+ consortium schools and Cheltenham's Ladies College.

She got an offer from CLC and Queens Gate

However, to our deep disappointment, we got a waitlist spot in Channing and NO offers from other schools.

We thought she had done well because she was invited for an interview at South Hampstead (SHHS) - who supposedly invite only successful candidates)

We had hoped for an offer from Francis Holland Sloane Sq or SHHS

Now - my dilemma:
- should we look at other schools? (KPS)
- accept queens gate (which was not our top choice but loved the location)
- wait for the WL in Channing
- try boarding (I'm hesitant , feel she is too young at 11)

Thank you - we are not locals so this is very sad and overwhelming

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77seven Sat 15-Feb-20 16:49:00

Hi OP. Your title says you had no offers, but you did! You have Queens Gate. It’s a great school that most girls in the UK would be highly privileged to have the chance to attend.

If you really want Channing, there’s a good chance the WL will move. Call them and email on Monday to confirm it is your first choice and state you will instantly accept if offered and transfer the deposit straight away.

Check the acceptance date for QG - is it early March? Chances are a place will have come up at Channing by then, but if not, QG is your school and there’s no reason it won’t be fantastic. Probably nice to have a smaller school too, if you’re relocating back to London?

I don’t know about boarding, but it does seem a bit of a drastic measure at 11, in my opinion fwiw.

Also, do remember, nothing is set in stone. Girls can move schools at any point for all sorts of reasons. Many change for 6th form anyway.

Good luck!!!!

mama99 Sat 15-Feb-20 17:44:35

Wow! Thank you - I had no idea that Queens Gate is so highly regarded! Thank you for the advice and the outlook! Many warm greetings

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MarchingFrogs Sat 15-Feb-20 18:20:33

Call them and email on Monday to confirm it is your first choice and state you will instantly accept if offered and transfer the deposit straight away.

But be mindful of the fact that this advice is so frequently given on this forum, as well as elsewhere on the internet, that there is a strong possibility that 90% of the parents of the other girls on the waiting list will be doing precisely the same thinghmm.

Applepieco Sat 15-Feb-20 18:41:28

Channing have an ‘exploding’ offer system. First come first served to sign up with a terms fees. It has resulted in the waiting list pretty much ceasing to be used over the last couple of years.

bengalcat Sat 15-Feb-20 18:43:54

Queens Gate and CLC both excellent schools . You just need / she needs to decide between boarding or day . Good luck .

Malmontar Sat 15-Feb-20 19:08:54

CLC will be very different to GQ. It is a much more academic school than GQ, and her getting in shows she's very capable but as for her not getting into the others, it's the luck of the draw unfortunately. There are lots that start boarding at 11 and love it. How does she feel about it? Would she like to try it? If she got into CLC she's definitely Channing standard or higher but they, as a lot of other consortium schools have junior kids coming up and they favour siblings if they're of standard. Last year out friends DD sat for lots of exams and only got one offer- Channing and that's because her sister was there. This is also the last of the huge bulge year of 2007-2009 so places are scarce.
QC is lovely but can be stifling further up the school because of how small it is. I would revisit both is possible and see. Boarding in the lower years is very gentle and some girls love it. There's always tons of boarding girls on the train from Stroud/Cheltenham going to London for weekends or exeats.

Malmontar Sat 15-Feb-20 19:10:36

Sorry QG not GQ!

Lordfrontpaw Sat 15-Feb-20 19:13:39

Queens gate has a good reputation. Maybe think of trying for a prep that goes to 13+? Posters with girls will be able to advise better (I have a boy).

IrishMamaMia Sat 15-Feb-20 19:15:30

Have also heard positive things about QG. It sounds lovely.

mama99 Sat 15-Feb-20 19:43:49

Dear Moms (as we say in the USA ;)
Your honest feedback and viewpoints are beyond appreciated.
My daughter is very keen on boarding - she did a science summer camp at CLC last summer and fell in love. That's why it was the only boarding school she applied to.
Channing is too far north from where I would like to be (south Kensington , Chelsea area)
I guess as a mother of a single daughter - I feel attached and boarding is difficult to accept

Again- all of your ladies' comments are so so helpful. Thank you!

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Malmontar Sat 15-Feb-20 20:26:20

There are lots of really nice boarding schools closer to London too. She could go to QG and than apply for 13+ at a boarding school if she's still keen. It's often easier at that age for both parties.

Doryhunky Mon 17-Feb-20 04:39:06

Is weekly boarding an option ?

mama99 Mon 17-Feb-20 07:17:26

Weekly boarding is an option.
I guess my daughter is really into CLC - would you think it is better academic wise than Channing and Queens Gate?

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mama99 Mon 17-Feb-20 07:19:20

Is channing better than queens gate?

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mealychump Mon 17-Feb-20 07:21:35

CLC is consistently recognised as one of the top girls schools in the UK! It's a fantastic school.

KingscoteStaff Mon 17-Feb-20 07:41:18

If you are worried about boarding at 11+, ask CLC if you can defer the place until 13+ and put your DD into QG for 2 years or (better idea imo) put her into a London prep (Thomases/Newton/Broomwood) for years 7+8.

Growingboys Mon 17-Feb-20 07:47:48

I've never heard of Channing. I would go for Cheltenham - boarding is such fun and she might appreciate getting away from home if it's just her there.

Growingboys Mon 17-Feb-20 07:49:09

Having read the PPs I strongly suggest that you DON'T defer boarding for a couple of years. Most girls go at 11 - I certainly did as did all my boarding friends - and those who came after that were deemed a bit weird.

Let her be normal with everyone else and go at 11. She'll love it!

mama99 Mon 17-Feb-20 08:53:45

Thank you all!! Yes my DD Is beyond excited about CLC
I don't know much about boarding - you can't imagine how useful this forum has been
Thank you 🙏

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Reginabambina Mon 17-Feb-20 09:00:53

Having attended a girls school with a boarding house I would really caution you on letting a girl board. Weekly boarding would be better to start with and please give her the option to attend as a day pupil if she doesn’t get on there. Boarding environments are rarely as supportive and nurturing as the school’s marketing materials would suggest and for girls this ends badly far more often than you would think. Hopefully she will thrive though! It sounds like she’s very keen to go but just be prepared to move to be closer to the school.

Misandei Mon 17-Feb-20 09:20:33

CLC all the way! Friend’s DD got to into CLC at 11yrs, but wasn’t ready to board. The school was very understanding and held a place for her at 13+ with the proviso she still sits a test at 13 to ensure her academics haven’t slipped. She sat the test @13+ plus and is there now, thriving and doing brilliantly.

bananabrain2 Mon 17-Feb-20 09:40:29

CLC!! I have a DD there who started at 11. She loves it. It's a fantastic all round school. Message me if you'd like to ask questions!

clevud Tue 18-Feb-20 11:29:12

I've got a very similar dilemma minus the boarding.
Channing WL
Queen's College offer

Pondering what to do
Channing 45 min at least door to door
Queen's College closer but no outdoor space.
So difficult.

PatienceVirtue Tue 18-Feb-20 13:13:21

@clevud I remember you from another thread. Well done on that offer and a half, so sorry about Francis Holland as I remember that was your preferred choice. I really think you were unlucky, because it has become so much more selective the last couple of years.

Even though you’re not on the waiting list for FH, I really think you’ve nothing to lose by emailing the registrar and saying that you love the school, you have other offers, but even if a very last minute place where to come up you would love to be considered. Flatter them by saying how you can’t imagine how anyone would possibly turn it down, but in the unlikely event blah di blah. If your dd smashes sats then maybe worth phoning. People do drop out in the summer for all sorts of reasons.

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