Grammar tests - Easiest to Hardest

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PettsWoodParadise Sat 15-Feb-20 08:12:12

DD sat Kent, Bexley & Newstead a number of years ago. Each are different and how your DC does depends on their strengths and weaknesses. Pass rates are highest for Kent by the nature of Kent being a full grammar county but whether your DC qualifies for a place even with a pass depends on where you live and the desired school.

chalkyc2 Sat 15-Feb-20 06:03:37

So in the area you mention there are 4 possible different 11+ exams (well - 3 - depending on boy/girl) - Bexley, kent, St Olaves and Newstead. It's super complicated as with the bexley test you pass/fail or come in top 180. If a regular pass then score becomes irrelevant and access to schools is based on distance. The Kent test is also pass/fail but then where you live (in/ out of county) and your score then comes into play. Out of county you need a v high score to access only a few schools, so just passing isn't enough.

Newstead and Olaves - more selective particularly Olaves which has no geographic catchment criteria.

Anecdotally people say the Kent test is easier to pass than bexley but then being eligible for the schools you want affects that depending on where you live.

Hope I'm being clear. None of them are 'easy'. You need to do your research and be realistic. The 11+ forum is very helpful.

Ami01 Sat 15-Feb-20 04:29:25

No such thing as easy 11+. Check the schools catchment areas, the wider the catchment the more kids taking exam and hence drives up min score needed.

YSH3 Sat 15-Feb-20 02:21:00

Hi. Can anyone tell me which grammar schools around Kent, Bromley, Orpington and Bexley have easier 11+ exams? Can you rank them? Thank you

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