Queen's College in London

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clevud Fri 14-Feb-20 18:17:54

Hello! Any views or advice on Queen's College senior school in London. I've visited the school so I'm looking for views of parents with DDs at this school. Thanks!

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London1305f Sat 16-Jan-21 12:15:23

Hello. Does anyone have any up to date views of this school? Due to Covid restrictions I haven’t been able to visit. How competitive is 11+ entry?

HappyNY Sat 16-Jan-21 13:31:45

I know of a family with their 2 girls there. Very happy indeed. G&L’s current headmistress used to be there (I believe).

Malug Thu 28-Jan-21 14:36:38

Hello, both girls attend Queen’s College London and enjoy being there. 11+ is competitive, as the school is oversubscribed, but the interviews a were conducted in a very positive manner allowing the girls to open up and leaving them very satisfied, so when they received an offer my girls were thrilled and they have not been disappointed yet. The girls had to sit the 11+ Consortium test which includes verbal reasoning, non-verbal , numeric reasoning. If I may suggest - www.11plusguide.com site could be helpful. Despite rather unusual circumstances this year, the school staff have been rather proactive and engaging during the online lessons and I like the way the school handles the current situation. Also, I have to mention excellent pastoral care and eagerness to assist parents and the girls, the teachers seem to be genuinely interested in the girls to do well - if one needs extra support or extra, more challenging tasks - teachers provide both.

Joy93 Fri 29-Jan-21 16:05:54

Excellent lovely school...
Not competitive at 11+....

London1305f Sun 31-Jan-21 21:47:28

@Joy93 I think it’s still oversubscribed though.

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