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LU Latymer Upper

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newtothis15 Fri 14-Feb-20 13:35:52

Has anybody had experience of a child leaving for 13 plus school from Latymer Upper? Would LU object a reference for a child who wants to go to 13plus school? In year 9 ? Thank you

Frostyskies1223 Fri 14-Feb-20 13:58:57

@newtothis Congrats to your ds, have you received other offers this week?
Today is probably not the best day to ask advice about accepting an offer & then planning to leave in 2 years time as parents all over Greater London are anxiously opening envelopes.
Do you have a place at Harrow for your ds at 13? If so as others have posted the 13 entry school would prefer your ds to go to a prep school for 2 years & move with his cohort to his final school. There is a difference between the CE curriculum in a prep school & the years 7&8 curriculum building towards GCSE's at 16 in London day schools.

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