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Offer Day Dilemma

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RockChickRocks Fri 14-Feb-20 11:28:08

Dilemma. Help please!

DC has several offers which we are really excited about but just informed they have been placed on the reserve list for Caterham which isn’t an assessment we thought they’d pass based on their description of how the day went. Pessimistic or realist child here. Never know which one better suits.

Anyway, I suppose that’s changed our outlook on possible future school but need to know how much a reserve list moves? If at all. Are they the same thing as waiting lists I hear mentioned on other threads? Would we be stupid to not accept elsewhere on the hope that they’d get a place here.

Anyone else been in this position that could throw some light and hope our way? or is anyone in the same position currently?
Better still, anyone receive an offer that they are considering not accepting?

Dream school, for which we never thought would be within reach. Some distance away too but I think it would be worth it. This has really thrown us!

Ratrace123 Fri 14-Feb-20 17:29:05

Hello - I would contact the school to confirm if it’s the same as waitlist. It could be a separate list before they go to wait list. You could also ask if your child is at top of list and how far they usually work down?
I had one child get into preferred school via wait list and he was at the top so we heard the same day as offers deadline. Best of luck!

PiedImperial Fri 14-Feb-20 19:06:04

Definitely call the school, and make sure you tell them that they are your first choice, and that you would 100% accept a place if one came up. This may (unofficially) bump you up their list.

Their admissions team will probably be working throughout half term, so you could try calling them next week.

Good luck!

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