Bournemouth collegiate senior school

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CocoKoko123 Thu 13-Feb-20 19:48:33

Anyone have dc at this school?eouldnyou recommend it?

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CocoKoko123 Thu 13-Feb-20 19:54:05

Typo - would you recommend it?

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getouttahere Fri 14-Feb-20 16:40:23

Yes. I have a year seven child. I signed up after speaking to about six parents who had children already at the school.

So far I am delighted. My child is average ability. The school is great with him. He is having his horizons expanded and encouraged to try new things.

All the parents I've met so far are very down to earth; most of them
are working and making sacrifices and the school knows who their market is.

It's a little scruffy round the edges, but on the other hand I have noticed that they have invested instead on safety features and procedures far more than my other child's oh-so-outwardly-smart looking school has.

It has a small school feel. Lots of Chinese students higher up the school. Which ties in with the school's Chinese investors. I would expect that the school to offer mandarin as a language soon and I
Support that; if you consider it it's clear that China will be forefront in world business relations in the future.

I like the Head. I think he is great. Not afraid to install some discipline; a year 8 child was expelled last term.

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