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southfacingpuddles Wed 12-Feb-20 13:34:42

We live in London and have a bright DC in year 6 at a state primary. We have applied to state and independent schools in London as well as an independent school in Suffolk because we planned to move to Ipswich in the summer, if all went to plan.
We have had a good scholarship offer at the Suffolk school and haven't yet heard from the London ones.
However, we have just found out that the planned move to Suffolk isn't workable any more due to work relocation to Cambridge instead. Help! We have not applied to any schools there and know nothing about the state/independent offer there, whether there's any hope of a yr 7 place anywhere decent...does anyone know the lie of the land? Any suggestions? We aren't against state but have basically offered independent at secondary which our DC has worked hard for so we feel very bad about taking the option away. I spoke to one independent school yesterday who said there's no hope now, nor realistically for yr 8 or 9! confused any tips gratefully received...

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AveEldon Wed 12-Feb-20 17:31:16

Where are you hoping to live?
The private schools in town can be hellish to get to because of the traffic.

The local board is the best place to post

lanthanum Thu 13-Feb-20 00:23:23

There are good state secondaries in Cambridge and the surrounding villages, which cater well for bright children. You've missed the first round of applications for places. They'll put out a list of which have places left, and also where they got to in the admissions criteria for the others. Last year's can be found at

The spaces are more likely to be at the less good schools or the ones further from Cambridge, but not entirely. Northstowe was brand new last year and undersubscribed - that's a new town, so you've probably got a good chance of housing there.

Once the list is out, the best thing is probably to take a look at it. You could either go for one of the ones with spaces, or you could look at getting yourselves close to one of the ones that doesn't and hope for a place through the waiting list. The waiting list is ordered in order of the admissions criteria (and then distance within the last criterion), so if you make sure you come higher up the criteria than those who were offered places, then you should hopefully go in as number one on the waiting list. Late applications by the end of March are considered by the end of April; being realistic you probably won't have an address to apply from by then, but they put out a revised list of where the spaces are then.

lanthanum Thu 13-Feb-20 00:29:42

Oh, the other thing to say is that the majority of schools in Cambridge and the surrounding villages are 11-16, but this is nothing to worry about. Cambridge has two good sixth form colleges as well as an FE college. One of the sixth forms is exceedingly strong academically - as you might expect if you take the employees of the university, tech and biotech companies based around Cambridge and select the brightest of their children.

southfacingpuddles Fri 14-Feb-20 10:17:12

Thank you SO much Lanthanum this is exactly what I needed to hear, what a gem you are! Thanks a million. Will get busy!

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