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Sedbergh vs Austin Friars

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PattyGoniaDC Wed 12-Feb-20 00:46:43

Anyone has any experience of either of these schools? We are moving back to UK from Canada and ds will start in Yr10. We are from Yorkshire originally but looking to move to Cumbria. The admissions staff at Sedbergh have been great so far. DS loves rugby and plays well but Ive heard that its super competitive and don't want to put him off. Cant seem to find much info on Austin Friars...

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notasportymum Sat 15-Feb-20 16:01:28

PM’d you OP

wijjjy Sun 16-Feb-20 15:42:26

Sedbergh is mainly a boarding school. It is the top rugby school in England. It does but sports camps in the holidays which might give him s chance to take a closer look.

Austin Friars is a small day school.

TattingerFizzer Wed 26-Feb-20 22:56:25

No comparison. Sedbergh all the way.

MayDayFightsBack Wed 26-Feb-20 23:01:32

I've not heard great stuff about Austin Friars.

3littlemonsters3 Thu 27-Feb-20 20:45:39

Sedbergh. Austin Friars currently has the corona flu!

Joking aside (although they have quarentined students at Austin friars and I really hope they are all ok) definitely Sedbergh, there’s no comparison. It’s the better school all round.

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