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Burford School, Oxfordshire - feedback/coments

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Rosewood999 Tue 04-Feb-20 14:24:53

Am looking for feedback on the school including the boarding house. If anyone has children at the school particularly boarding, interested in hearing your comments/feedback on the school, positives and negatives.... Thanks

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Rapunzel888 Wed 05-Feb-20 10:30:44

My daughter is at Burford (although not a boarder) and we're absolutely delighted with it. The behaviour is excellent, brilliant teaching (DD comes back from school buzzing with everything she has been learning) and fantastic music, art and drama, plus masses of extra-curricular opportunities (the school has been awarded the Platinum Artsmark for the excellence of its arts provisions). There are so many trips and experiences for the children that hardly a day goes by without a letter about some interesting thing that they are doing, whether inside the school or outside. There are many many chances of trips abroad (my daughter could have gone on five trips abroad this year alone) and the staff give of their time and enthusiasm way over and above what I would have expected. The music provision is exceptional, with a full symphony orchestra, full junior orchestra, Jazz band and many other groups, and every summer term there is a very popular week long music residential where they spend the entire week making music.
My DD isn't very keen on sport, but I can see that if you are that possibly there isn't as much as at private schools, although I've always thought that sport is something that can be done from home.
I don't know much about the boarding house, but from what I've heard they do lots of fun things and the pastoral provision is very good.
Overall, I think that Burford is an excellent school and my DD is very happy there.

Rosewood999 Thu 06-Feb-20 05:46:18

Thank you for your feedback, we really liked the look and feel of the school when we did a visit, always good to hear from parents that have/had children attend the school. If anyone else has feedback, particular the boarding would love to know. Thanks

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Nodressrehearsal Fri 07-Feb-20 12:28:46

Also DD loves Burford and is very settled. Music department is a massive strength of the school. There are a few boarders in her class who she has become friendly with and we see them all walking up the hill together. The day finishes promptly at 3pm and whilst there are after school activities they are finished by 4.15pm so I would check to see what the provision is between then and bedtime. Good Luck!

folkmamma Fri 07-Feb-20 16:44:13

My DD currently at Burford and we have a more mixed view. There are some behaviour issues in her form that upset her and regularly disrupt learning. No worse than any other secondary I'm sure, but not the 'exceedingly high standard of behaviour' I was expecting. She's also had a few issues in corridors with older kids, hates the pushing and shoving in the canteen so won't use it, and they've been banned from their form room several times for bad behaviour.

As others have said, a broad range of extra curricular activities - there is something for everyone. Slight disappointment for us was they can't participate in the 'whole school' musical productions until Y9. Although DD (who's main interests are music and theatre) was in a fab lower school drama production of Arabian Nights last year and they developed her role into a lovely actor/musician role to play to her strengths.

No complaints about the teaching - DD doing well academically and loves most of her teachers.

She loves 'The Acre', the little farm area. It's her safe haven.

Music department is the best in a very wide radius - annual music residential is a big hit here and they always put on a great show.

DD has a couple of boarders in her form and they all seem to love it. We live quite a long way out and might even consider flexi boarding later on if she's still there.

It's a good school, but in this area most of them are. With hindsight I actually wish I'd stuck with our catchment school for a variety of reasons, although mainly due to our very specific circumstances. I think the things that bother her about school would be an issue anywhere, and there are lots of nice extras at Burford that she wouldn't get elsewhere. It's just logistically difficult for us because of where we live and what DD actually needs more than anything is more time for her extracurricular stuff....

Rosewood999 Thu 20-Feb-20 06:25:01

Thank you for your feedback folkmamma.

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folkmamma Thu 20-Feb-20 11:21:27

@Rosewood999 I've sent a PM 😊

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