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ISEB Common Entrance 11+ results?

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Pinkyxx Mon 03-Feb-20 09:19:57

My DD sat the Common Entrance earlier this month following conditional offers from some schools. I was expecting to receive the results last Saturday, but the school has informed me they don't release individual results. I could have sworn I read somewhere that results were released to parents. DD's really chuffed to have had her places confirmed, but miffed to not know her results!!!

Is this others experience as well for ISEB Common entrance 11+??

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Mumto2two Mon 03-Feb-20 10:39:19

That’s really strange Pinky. Parents definitely receive results, and I recall reading the ISEB guidance, which states that prep schools are notified of results by the Friday, and parents should receive by post on the Saturday. We received our offer letters this Saturday, and this included the exam grade report.
I would ask the school you have applied to, they should be providing this.

Pinkyxx Mon 03-Feb-20 11:23:37

Thanks so much Mumto2two, I emailed them and they stated they don't release individual results!

I'd also read the ISEB guidance and understood the same. DD isn't at a prep school so maybe it's different for children of state schools..

DD is so disappointed as she wanted her grades!

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Mumto2two Tue 04-Feb-20 11:49:07

Have you asked the head of your current primary school and the school you received the offer from? The ISEB guidance suggests this should be it does seem strange they won’t let you have the grades at least.
‘’Senior schools should assess examination scripts by grades. In English, separate grades should be given for each of the two papers. Senior schools are asked to let prep schools know the percentage range represented by the grades in each subject. Results of the 11+ examinations should be available to prep schools by the Friday of the week following the examinations and before parents are informed on the Saturday’’

Pinkyxx Tue 04-Feb-20 12:52:42

Thanks @mumto2two I've not asked the primary school but did ask the senior school who advised they never release individual results. They simply issue offers based on whether the ''threshold'' was exceeded or not.

Seems very odd, as all contrary to the ISEB guidance but I did call ISEB and they said the schools have license to decide??

Either way, the main thing is she achieved a place at the school she most wanted. I can only assume she did well grin

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