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NLCS, Habs Girls, Queenswood, SHHS..Opinions please

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Zodlebud Sun 02-Feb-20 19:59:30

Queenswood has a large contingency of boarders and so has a very different feel to the other schools. Days are longer and has a campus feel (well, there’s nothing else around it!!!!)

It used to be the school used as a back up for NLCS, Habs and St Albans but considerably less so now. Parents are now actively opting for it as their first choice school as it gets the results without the stress. That said, it is less selective than NLCS and Habs though and their results reflect this. There’s no way their results could be as good with the brighter girls all going to the three other schools.

Marthabales Sun 02-Feb-20 16:45:10

for each school (or the one you are familiar with) what do you find best and worst and why? Looking to hear from anyone who has a personal knowledge of the school. Of course it all will depend on the individual child at the end of the day, but what are your observations?

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