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AQA Year 8 Maths Papers

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ALeapOfFaith Thu 30-Jan-20 23:18:12

Hello, does anyone know where I could find some AQA year 8 maths end of term practice papers please?

I can see them on the AQA All About Maths website but you have to be a teacher to register & download them.

Although he has an ok knowledge of the syllabus, my son struggles with getting through these test papers in the allocated times and I’m hoping more practice will help.
Many thanks

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GreenTulips Thu 30-Jan-20 23:24:39

ALeapOfFaith Thu 30-Jan-20 23:55:58

Thank you GreenTulips.
They have GCSE and A level papers here but It doesn’t appear to have any KS3 year 8.

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RedskyAtnight Fri 31-Jan-20 07:55:04

You've answered your own question in your OP. You have to be a teacher to access the "official" AQA papers. This is because there is a limited number of these and lots of schools use them as tests/exams which they wouldn't be able to do if they were freely available.

Have a look at this: and this: and this: for some revision materials and questions for KS3.

There are also revision books (CGP usually good) that you can buy.

ALeapOfFaith Fri 31-Jan-20 14:19:13

Thanks RedSky, appreciate those suggestions for revision.
It’s really the length of the paper I was wanting him to practice as he’s seems to run out of steam without managing to finish the final few questions so it’s time management that I think is the problem.

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RedskyAtnight Fri 31-Jan-20 14:45:40

He has over 3 years to get quick enough for GCSE smile I wouldn't worry too much.

lanthanum Sat 01-Feb-20 11:13:56

Don't worry too much.

Talk to the school about the time issue. They will have more perspective on it. Maybe they are doing 1 hour papers in a 55 minute lesson, so not quite finishing is inevitable. Maybe he is genuinely quite slow writing - occasionally a pupil can get extra time at GCSE if there is a specific difficulty, but they would need to get on and look at this now in order to make sure they have the evidence needed to apply for it. Maybe they can let him have a copy of a paper that they won't be using within school. Maybe they can see where he is using too much time.

How are his times tables? Sometimes kids are slowed up considerably by not knowing them well enough - meaning knowing the answers instantly, not counting up the table.

The other thing to check is what he does if he gets stuck on a question - does he know to leave it and come back to it later?

If all else fails, and he's up for some extra practice, you could use old KS3 papers - although they won't reflect exactly what he's been taught this year, they'll give the practice at sitting for an hour and doing a mix of questions. There are lots available online, and they come at different levels - the school can probably tell you which would be a good standard for your child, or start with 4-6 and move up if he finds it too straightforward.

ALeapOfFaith Sat 01-Feb-20 21:36:37

Fantastic thank you, some really helpful comments and suggestions.

I realise I probably am getting a bit carried away at this stage and I don’t want him to feel under too much pressure already, when he’s only year 8.

We’ll definitely give the KS3 mixed question papers a go as that hopefully will have the added benefit of a bit of a confidence boost for him too.

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