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Nottingham High School y7 entry interviews

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Mirtletheturtle Mon 27-Jan-20 10:52:08

Hello everyone,
My son has just taken the entry exam for the Nottingham High school for year 7 admission. Just wondering if any parents have any idea what the interview will be like? They gave us a few pointers but real life advise from people who have been through it would be much appreciated. They also ask to bring an object along to the interview and talk about it. Thanks

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ripple11 Mon 27-Jan-20 11:15:54

Do you know the interview length, to get an idea of how in depth it will be?......we've just been through the process in London , and it varied between an allocated 5 mins (what's your name lol) to one highly academic school being 3 hours! shock
Bring an object sounds a nice idea...and would presume a relaxed interview to get to know the child.
Best of luck.

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