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Durham secondary schools

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Tkamb Sun 19-Jan-20 17:55:09

I've been offered a job in Durham hospital but I would need to sort schools out for my children before accepting
I have a daughter starting year 12 in September and a son starting year 10.
Any suggestions about best schools and areas to live!
I am new to the area and have only visited Durham once as a tourist!
I will be renting and my budget would be around £2500. Ideally walking distance to schools (and maybe town centre) but I don't know if this exists!
Schools a priority as both my kids are doing great at their current school
Thank you for your advice!

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GriseldaChop Sun 19-Jan-20 18:17:56

I'm not local to Durham but do live in the North East and Durham Johnston seems to do well in exams in each year and was outstanding at last Ofsted. £2500 budget should get you something really nice and central I'd imagine. Good luck with the move.

Tkamb Sun 19-Jan-20 18:41:09

Thank you GriseldaChop! This is tealy useful
I will have a look at the school and contact them to see if it is not to late to apply for a sixth form admission. I suppose year 10 will be more complicated as will depend if they get any free spaces for year 10 next year.

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Strugglingmum73 Sun 19-Jan-20 18:57:20

St Leonard’s also good choice and very close to hospital

Tkamb Sun 19-Jan-20 21:09:38

Thank you Strugglingmum73! I will have a look at it too
Any suggestions about nice areas to live?

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