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Where to go for advice?

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studentresearch Sun 19-Jan-20 17:13:03

I am after some help; I am trying to find out what parents do when they need advice about school for their children.

Could you please complete this survey to help me. I am a masters student, the questionnaire is completely anonymous and is only 10 questions long. Most answers are Yes / No.

Thank you.

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TeenPlusTwenties Sun 19-Jan-20 17:42:36

Usually on surveys for academic stuff there is blurb about what the university/course is, who is supervising the work etc.

Anyway, most people who access the survey through here would probably answer 'go on mumsnet' smile

TeenPlusTwenties Sun 19-Jan-20 17:44:12

Plus to be honest it reads more like someone researching for a business case than a masters degree.

studentresearch Sun 19-Jan-20 18:51:31

Thank you for looking at this post. The survey is now closed.

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