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Vr or NVr 11+ importance

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RockChickRocks Sun 19-Jan-20 12:59:27

Waiting patiently for 11+ results for DD who is very good with NVr type questions. Just wondering, if admissions dept had to choose, which do you think they would lean more towards as an indicator of ability.

What is the real difference between them and what type of subjects would be grouped with each.

Light Sunday afternoon question... all comments welcomed!

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Splendid68 Sun 19-Jan-20 13:20:31

My feeling is NVR is seen as a better indication of innate intelligence. I’m rubbish at it though so hopefully I’m wrong. grin

RockChickRocks Sun 19-Jan-20 13:32:21

Have to say I’m the same. Totally fascinated by how easy DD finds it all lol. Without a solutions/answer sheet I’d be lost smile

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Greenleave Sun 19-Jan-20 13:33:03

Someone from admission office should give us some ideas. My daughter refused to practise any NVR, she just didnt do ANY practise but attempted at exams she sat. Her reason was she didnt learn it from school at all and doesnt like it and will try to make it up in core subjects(maths and English)(but I have a very strong minded child, if she says she doesnt want to do something then we have never been able to persuade otherwise). Couple of schools she sat for had it last year( LEH and G&L) and she managed to have offers for both.

RockChickRocks Sun 19-Jan-20 15:52:12

@greenleave are you saying she did well without any practise and got in or that these types of tests didn’t ultimately really matter as the schools relied on the core subjects results (Maths and English)?

If so, would be interested to understand what weight Vr/NVr holds...

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Greenleave Sun 19-Jan-20 15:59:09

I never know what does it mean but she didnt fail to get the place and I dont even know if she could do any NVR at all as she didnt practise any(she still sat the exam with NVR among other subjects). She could have been very lucky on the days and guessed most of the answers however we never discussed about it and we didnt know the score. These both schools were also not our top choice so there wasnt any pressure.

FlumePlume Sun 19-Jan-20 15:59:14

For WHS it holds a lot of weight (or at least, it did last year, when DD went through it). Just VR/NVR as stage 1, with an ‘activity morning’ as stage 2 (which had a little creative writing, and a bit of maths in one of the tasks, but was definitely not an English or Maths exam). I’ve heard it was a bit different this year.

I’m glad they don’t all do NVR, as it’s not DD’s strength. She’s much better at VR or standard Maths and English.

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