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FHS NW1 and SHHS- interview offers 11+?

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clevud Thu 16-Jan-20 16:11:15

Do you know when these schools are likely to send out interview invitations?

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PatienceVirtue Thu 16-Jan-20 16:26:45

Last year we got an email on the 23rd January. The test had been on the 11th.

PatienceVirtue Thu 16-Jan-20 16:28:57

Sorry that was for SHHS. FHS interviewed everyone last year so dd had an interview before doing the test.

clevud Thu 16-Jan-20 17:42:30

Thanks, I assume FHS have become more competitive. Now they interview only some.

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Alwaysannoyedaboutsomething Thu 16-Jan-20 18:51:38

I think they’ve said that invitations for interview will go out the last week of January" and that interviews will be held in the week from 31st Jan.

Incidentally, how did your girls find the exam? Mine found it incredibly tough so I’m not holding out much hope!

clevud Thu 16-Jan-20 19:02:34

Difficult to understand if preteen perception is right. I didn't asleep many questions. I was told not enough time. Do you know about NLC? They should send out interview invitations today or tomorrow. Do these schools send out an interview rejection?

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clevud Thu 16-Jan-20 19:03:14

I mean... I didn't ask many questions

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Alwaysannoyedaboutsomething Thu 16-Jan-20 19:06:46

Yes lack of time was the problem here. Sadly I think her perception is pretty accurate as we’d done lots of timed practice. But I too didn’t ask many questions as it wouldn’t make any difference now! Oh well... wait and see.
She only did the consortium exam, no other selective independents.

clevud Thu 16-Jan-20 19:26:07

Not sure what these schools want to prove by giving children such little time. Are knowledge and education a timed competition? Anyway I've just realised that with specialists' letters stating children's special needd one could get 25% additional time. I wonder how many play the system similarly to some parents who appeal against state schools places allocation and get away with made up but eloquent facts.

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Mamaof2cuties Thu 16-Jan-20 19:33:22

I agree. CEM style exam is ridiculous.

PatienceVirtue Fri 17-Jan-20 11:38:52

Oh I'm sad about FHS not interviewing everyone any more. That means that the bottom tranche of the consortium exam won't be interviewed anywhere, it seems, which is brutal. The interview at FHS was really fun and inclusive and really sold the school well.

Or maybe Channing is still interviewing all the candidates?

God am I glad that we're out of this particular wood.

givemesomewineplease Fri 17-Jan-20 11:49:28

Are you sure about FH RP? I'm sure FH SS is interviewing everyone - times were only emailed a few days ago but they said to keep 22nd Jan free. Everyone is interviewed as far as I know. Same for G&L (which has vast numbers of applicants) and Notting Hill & Ealing. I assumed that was the case for all consortium schools.

Alwaysannoyedaboutsomething Fri 17-Jan-20 12:09:16

Yes FH RP are definitely not inviting everyone for interview this year. However Channing still are, as are Queens.

I think numbers of applicants are going up every year so I suppose they have to manage it somehow. I know FH RP added an extra class last year as they had so many accepting offers. I think that previously maybe most girls who applied to one of the girls’ schools in that group ended up with a place somewhere. Now with increasing numbers that may not be the case as schools like FH RP can afford to be more choosy.

PatienceVirtue Fri 17-Jan-20 12:26:29

I do get the feeling that FH RP is becoming more sought-after. Definitely used to be seen as a backup, increasingly it's a first choice (ie I know people who didn't hesitate to choose it above Channing).

The awful thing with the Consortium being just one exam is that the pecking order becomes brutally obvious (for example girl I know was offered Queens yes, FH waiting list, Channing & SHHS no - this is North/central London. I'm sure G&L is particularly selective). Of course the schools will say they're looking for different things and the interview and reference is important blah di blah but I reckon they all want roughly the same sort.

givemesomewineplease Fri 17-Jan-20 12:36:23

It makes absolute sense that the schools only invite those who are above their exam cut-off to interview. Interviewing 900 candidates (think that was G&L's number last year) when perhaps only 40% are above the very minimum exam pass mark for their particular school makes no sense from a time and logistics perspective. I'm amazed they still do it. It might make the girls feel like they have a chance, but if their exam marks are too low then it's just false hope. I understand it for schools that are not as academically selective, the interview-all approach makes sense so they can get a rounded idea of each candidate in case they have other attributes that makes up for their lower academic scores.

clevud Fri 17-Jan-20 14:11:11

I wrote to FH NW1 a week ago and they said they interview 80% of the candidates. Queens and Channing still interview all girls. Let's all remember that getting a high CEM score is not necessarily a sign of brightness. I'd loath to think that an individual is considered bright just because it can work through hundreds of multiple choice questions at lightspeed. When I explained to my friends and family (most of them secondary school teachers) from another country what 11+ entails they all laughed.

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PatienceVirtue Fri 17-Jan-20 14:16:46

I god I completely agree Clevud, I preferred the English/maths papers that my elder daughter did. But if they use the paper to eliminate, let's say, 20% of the candidates before interview then they are viewing it as a marker.

I wonder what the inside scoop is on how the process worked last year. My dds' head said it worked well and tallied with other bits of information, but I wonder whether it only promotes a specific form of thinking. Seems to lack nuance.

Paribus Fri 17-Jan-20 14:22:23

I thought FHSS interviews all girls- has it changed this year??

givemesomewineplease Fri 17-Jan-20 14:25:04

Then they should revert to the old exam format if the CEM can not identify suitable candidates. My dd is coming from a state school and I'm not sure if her reference will give any proper insight into her abilities. It's different with prep schools who can give comprehensive CAT scores going back years and detailed info on the girl's suitability for the school. But for a state school kid, they really only have the exam to prove themselves. An interview gives personality insight but I think the exam is more telling as to how academic a child is ... however I do totally agree that this short time-pressured multiple choice exam doesn't fill me with confidence and I wish they would just go back to the standard exam they used to do. At least then they get a fuller picture of the child's working level surely.

PatienceVirtue Fri 17-Jan-20 14:56:04

Mine came from a state school givemesomewine and I too felt that have such a brief, blunt instrument of an exam disadvantaged her vs those coming from prep schools with far more information. The head said something about how the CEM results tallied with their other bits of information and I thought, oh right, all the CAT scores and references her rivals has while she just has a copy of her very bland y5 report from school.

A grammar in North London, Latymer, used CEM and has now reverted to English/maths exams (plus some reasoning) because, as far as I understand, they were getting a) too many boys and b) too many kids who couldn't write to a high standard and so weren't good at English, history, Geography etc. All these schools play close attention to their stats so if it the ones who score highly in the test fail to deliver in GSCEs, they'll adapt sharpish.

PatienceVirtue Fri 17-Jan-20 14:57:24

Ps good luck to your dd. I hated this process and it made me resent the schools and feel resentful even when they got offered places. Of course they get great exam results with a load of clever, supported, encouraged, compliant kids...

Nestess Thu 23-Jan-20 11:31:40

Good luck Clevud. We too are waiting to hear if they want us for interview. Sitting in silence wondering what door will open and what door will close I've logged on in the hope of a thread like yours. Thus far we have only a closed door. I saw your other post about what if we get no schools which I empathise with entirely. What a ghastly process.

WildJango Thu 23-Jan-20 15:37:08

A'noon all.
Not heard anything here - although reread the letter and it said we'd hear either way by today latest.

Anyone had their cyberspace crossed by educational silver?

clevud Thu 23-Jan-20 15:50:34

yes, nothing yet. I just want it over to be honest.

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Alwaysannoyedaboutsomething Thu 23-Jan-20 15:51:48

WildJango, are you referring to FH RP? My email from them in Nov said "I shall let you know about interviews in the last week of January 2020. Interview Week at Francis Holland Regent’s Park is 31st January to 7th February 2020." So I’m expecting to hear next week...
Fingers crossed everyone!

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