KCS (Kings College Wimbledon) 11+ 2020

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Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 10:46:07

Hi everyone
Firstly good luck to everyone who is going through the 11+ process like us!
DS did the exam for KCS last Saturday. Has anyone an idea, or past experience of how long it takes to hear about interviews? Also wondered if they email or send a letter?
Anxious times, all this waiting!! hmm

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MaitreKarlsson Thu 16-Jan-20 11:23:39

Hi - in a similar position and also wondering the same thing! smile They seem slightly less good than some other schools of letting you know when to expect news...or maybe i have just missed something!

SW153kids Thu 16-Jan-20 11:25:11

Pretty sure they said they’d tell us on 21st.... will almost certainly be an email.

Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 11:48:04

Looked on website and it said roughly 10 days but not whether it was
Letter or email....am just impatient I think!! grin

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user34254356 Thu 16-Jan-20 12:11:49

Anyone know about St. paul's 11+. They are meant to communicate today but not sure if it's via email or post?

dinosaurinmybelly Thu 16-Jan-20 12:24:57


We are 13+ KCS and also sat the exam on Saturday 11 Jan. We have been told that we will find out by email on Tuesday 21 Jan whether or not they want to proceed to interview stage. The dates for interview are Thu 23 and Fri 24 Jan, so not long after the email.

Fingers crossed everyone has good news next week!

Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 13:04:06

Thanks @dinosaurinmybelly appreciate it! Good luck! X

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R272727 Thu 16-Jan-20 20:33:28

Hi how did your Ds find kcs papers compared to other schools?

Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 20:44:41

Hi @R272727
He found it easier than Hampton and LU. He said he finished all the papers and had ten minutes spare on the maths. He was very happy when he came out because I think he had expected worse.
However I have heard the same sort of feedback from other boys who did it, so I am cautious! We all know how competitive the system is and if he thought it was ok, they probably all did!
What did your DS think?
It was a long morning though and I think they’ve all done so well! X

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R272727 Thu 16-Jan-20 21:03:29

@Sosickoflovesongs He thought KCS was harder than Hampton. It is hard to tell as you say as it all depends on how others did. Is KCS your first choice?

R272727 Thu 16-Jan-20 21:04:03

Did you do 13+?

Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 21:09:43

I would say KCS and Hampton are both my first choices if I’m honest. I love both schools and would be thrilled if he could get in to either. He definitely found KCS easier than Hampton and we were all surprised as hadn’t expected that but he did say that he felt it helped that he had done a few exams by the time he sat KCS so was more used to it. Hampton was the 2nd and was a bit of a shock I think. He has been lucky enough to get an interview there though so am really hoping he does ok. Good luck to your DS and to all DCs going through this horrible process....x

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Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 21:10:37

And sorry @R272727 no we were 11+

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R272727 Thu 16-Jan-20 21:26:58

@sosickoflovesongs do you know how
long after interview we will hear fro Hampton?

Sosickoflovesongs Thu 16-Jan-20 21:30:11

It’s the 14th Feb I think. I think they all get posted out on the 13th to arrive on the 14th, in line with KCS and most of the other 11+ schools...

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R272727 Mon 20-Jan-20 14:24:29

Anyone heard anything?

Notmynom Mon 20-Jan-20 14:42:59

The e-mails inviting boys to interviews came out at the end of the day last year - about 4pm I think. Good luck!

Sosickoflovesongs Mon 20-Jan-20 15:10:33

Hi there! Anyone know if we find out today or tomorrow? I haven’t heard anything yet....

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user34254356 Mon 20-Jan-20 15:34:59

It's tomorrow based on their original email.

user34254356 Mon 20-Jan-20 15:35:48

Sorry i was referring to 13+

R272727 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:24:51

Does anyone know if the all the emails regarding interview as well as all the nos come out tomorrow?

user45365 Tue 21-Jan-20 01:34:31

For 11+ - 140 interview calls for eventually 60 places. But not sure if they might be making slightly more than 60 places in anticipation that some will reject them.

springisnear Tue 21-Jan-20 13:20:19

Just got email inviting to 11+ interview!
Good luck everyone!

R272727 Tue 21-Jan-20 13:50:19

Hi anyone else heard today? Interview or a no? I hope we will know today is so stressful

dinosaurinmybelly Tue 21-Jan-20 13:57:58

Just got email inviting to 13+ interview. So relieved.
Fingers crossed for all your DS.

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