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Tonbridge School

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topkay Fri 24-Jan-20 13:01:16

Thank you. As I understand it, the further foundation scholarship assessment is for those that have requested financial support (up to 100%). The letter says they are looking to award up to 8. We were told in Nov that they would call back around 30. So to be honest your child may well be scholarship level but perhaps you haven't applied for the foundation scholarship, as such, you wouldn't need the call back. So anyone able to pay the fees and who got an unconditional offer wouldn't need the further exams (irrespective of their son's academic ability).

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hipslikecinderella Fri 24-Jan-20 10:21:27

Well done! Us too but minus the scholarship

topkay Fri 24-Jan-20 06:30:08

Yes, we did also, unconditional offer plus call back for scholarship exam in Feb.

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hipslikecinderella Thu 23-Jan-20 20:57:39

Did you hear back? We did, now need to choose a day house.....

topkay Tue 14-Jan-20 15:41:49

Anyone else waiting to hear back from Tonbridge school?

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