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State schools in Caterham OR State schools near London

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BakingisMagical Tue 14-Jan-20 10:07:36

We are planning to move to UK by Sep 2020. My elder daughter has offers from Woldingham and Streatham and Clapham High school to join in Year 8. Our first challenge is to choose from these 2 though I consider her as lucky to be even considered for Year 8 knowing that its not a normal point of entry. She is very able and academic child. She is in the top 2 of her class in current school.
If someone has some feedback on above schools, I would appreciate that very much.

However, my main point of worry is to find a good state school for my DS who will go to Year 2 in Sep 2020. I don't know about the UK education system much but I understand that the State school entry depends on where we live.

Could you please provide your feedback on the 2 areas for Wodingham and SCHS and let me know which one would fare better for public Primary schools.

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JoJoSM2 Tue 14-Jan-20 15:48:02

This where you can find out more about state schools. All schools are in a Local Authority. To apply for Y2, you’ll apply to your local authority and they’ll offer you a place. You’ll tell them which schools you’re interested in but depending on availability, you might be offered another school - might or might not be desirable or convenient.

If you’re moving to Caterham specifically, then your LA will be Surrey.

In terms of the choices for your daughter, Streatham and Clapham is a city school whereas Woldingham is set in 700 acres of greenery- any preference on that front? W is also Catholic - are you Catholic?

GoldenRuby Tue 14-Jan-20 18:55:33

You don't need to be Catholic to attend Woldingham - only about a third of the girls there are, but the school does want everyone to be supportive of their ethos. My DD is in Y11 and is an atheist, she loves the school.

JoJoSM2 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:03:28

Well, yes, being supportive of the ethos might or might not suit.

BakingisMagical Wed 15-Jan-20 09:11:31

Thanks for your replies, @JoJoSM2 and @GoldenRuby.

My main point of confusion is that where should we stay so we are nearer to one of those schools and also get good State schools possibility.

No, we are not catholic.

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GoldenRuby Wed 15-Jan-20 10:43:37

As @JoJoSM2 says, you will need an in year admission to the primary school, so the key thing is whether there are spaces. You could move very close to a preferred school but if they are full you will not be offered a place. You will however be offered somewhere, even if not your preference. Living in an area where there are a few good primaries may increase your chances of getting something acceptable, and if you look at big primaries they may have more chance of having a space.

I don't know the primaries in Caterham, but I have friends who secured in year admission to Whyteleafe a few years ago, and that is really good by all accounts. Another option but further from Woldingham might be Coulsdon, very high regarded primaries and one of the Woldingham minibuses goes from Coulsdon (at least it used to, I assume it is still running). Oxted may be another option, way to hop on the train to Woldingham.

eurochick Wed 15-Jan-20 10:57:25

As with most places the state primaries in the Caterham area are a mixed bag - some great, some not. We live in the area and were very impressed by some of the state primaries we visited. Unfortunately we were allocated a place for our daughter at the only one near to us we really didn't like! We ended up sending her to an independent prep instead. As an in year admission you would be allocated a place at whichever school has a place. If you didn't like it would you consider sending your younger child to a non-state school? There are some good ones in the area.

JoJoSM2 Wed 15-Jan-20 13:18:30

Ok. If the priority is commutability to the schools and top state options for your son, then I can recommend my neck of the woods, ie Sutton and surrounds.

You would be in London, but it’s the safest borough and some of it is very leafy with the countryside within walking distance.

Woldingham School wouldn’t be commutable from here but Streatham and Clapham HS is 15 mins on the Thameslink from either Sutton or Carshalton stations. There’s also Sutton High School (a GDST school too) so you could possibly enquire about places there.

The LA regularly updates the list of vacancies in the schools. As it’s n1 in England for secondary attainment and not far behind for primaries, you stand a very good chance of getting a place is an excellent school for your son.

In terms of the areas to live, Sutton has a large, busy town centre but it gets very leafy quickly on the south side. The south also borders the Banstead Commons (accessible countryside) and there are fields etc with footpaths and bridleways.
For a more villagey vibe, Cheam Village is 1 mile to the West. Both locations will work well if you’re after a larger house with a sizeable garden although it’s more of a long-term owner-occupier family area so there are few rentals.
Carshalton village is very pretty with a great sense of community and lots going on. Suitable if you’re after a smaller house.
Generally, it’s very family friendly around here with lots of sports clubs and outdoor activities, leisure centres, a David Lloyd (premium family health club), cinema etc

Alternatively, you could, look in the south of the borough of Croydon, eg Purley, Sanderstead, Coulsdon etc They’re all very leafy, safe areas and some should be easily commutable to either school. State primaries on that side of the borough are good. Some other parts of the borough can be a bit iffy in different levels but you’d be miles from them.

mylesta Wed 15-Jan-20 13:41:49

Sanderstead has three good primaries, Ridgeway, Gresham and Atwood. We have two DC at Ridgeway and are very happy with it.
You would have a good chance of a place; children have joined and left DD's class every year so far. It is 10 mins by train to Woldingham and 25 mins to Central London.

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