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Kingston Grammar 10+

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BariSai Thu 23-Jan-20 11:13:29

No for us too, little disappointed as my DS did. try his best! Oh well it was a trial run before the actual show in September! But glad he passed Whitgift and got through to an interview!
All the best to everyone who got an interview 🙌🏽

Normalisboring Wed 22-Jan-20 15:18:58

No for us too. 😢 oh well, game face on for pick up.

UnitDare Wed 22-Jan-20 15:16:59

A no for us too... it's funny even though I was sure that was it and he knows it was just for practice, I still feel disappointed and a bit sad about having to tell him! Our fault for joining the race. Ugh to next year!

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isla2009 Wed 22-Jan-20 15:11:29

Doh - sorry just reread your email and saw that they were sending feedback in April. That's really good - we get none from City and I would love to know where he lost marks.

isla2009 Wed 22-Jan-20 15:09:52

Sorry to hear that BookSkark

Our email said there were 'well over 300 candidates' so it must have been tough if only 40ish are being invited for interview. I wonder if they would be forthcoming with feedback if you asked?

BookSkark Wed 22-Jan-20 15:07:15

It's emails all round - we've just had a no for DD (not surprisingly). So keep refreshing!

The no email just said you're welcome to try again next year and feedback to follow in April. So no idea how well she did. Never mind...

BariSai Wed 22-Jan-20 14:59:45

Woww congratulations....

isla2009 Wed 22-Jan-20 14:52:46

Thank you - have everything crossed for you!

Normalisboring Wed 22-Jan-20 14:48:45

That’s wonderful! Congratulations! Normally 40ish get through to interview. Eek, I’m stressed, but not holding breath. Sigh.

isla2009 Wed 22-Jan-20 14:41:29

We've had an email - our son has made it through to the interview stage. A little surprised as he didn't make it through the City 10+ and I think his English is pretty weak and he normally makes loads of careless mistakes in maths but he must have pulled it out of the bag this time. Very relieved. Best of luck to those waiting - I'd love to know how many have made it through to the interview stage.

Normalisboring Wed 22-Jan-20 12:23:34

Yes fingers crossed for us all!

BariSai Wed 22-Jan-20 12:22:48

Great... fingers crossed 🤞🏽
All the best everyone!!!

UnitDare Wed 22-Jan-20 12:13:16

Ah thank you! Good luck everyone x

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Normalisboring Wed 22-Jan-20 12:03:12

My son did the exam in 2018. So we got our email at about 2.30pm, those who failed got letters I believe.

BariSai Wed 22-Jan-20 11:51:20

Hi everyone...
My DS sat the 10 plus too! He found the papers a little tricky and said he could finish the VR.
However, very nervous about the outcome, please let us know when you start hearing from KGS.

Thank you

UnitDare Wed 22-Jan-20 11:34:33

Why do you say that @Normalisboring ? Don't they email everyone?

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Normalisboring Tue 21-Jan-20 20:07:38

Yes! Will be getting rsi from refreshing email tomorrow afternoon. Don’t want to see the postie as that means bad news! 😳🙏🤞🍀

UnitDare Tue 21-Jan-20 17:35:37

I definitely don't have my hopes up when thinking rationally (I think it's a stretch school for him anyway) but then the Hope creeps in!!

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Normalisboring Tue 21-Jan-20 10:35:35

One more day! 😬 I heard that 250 sat the exam, for the 20-25 places. So odds not great. Sigh.

Normalisboring Thu 16-Jan-20 09:13:26

The sheet given out at open day says results come afternoon of 22nd. It was busy wasn’t it? My dc finished the papers, but stated with glee how quickly they had done the multiple choice for comprehension. Knowing their attention to detail, these were not the words that I wanted to hear! So again, not optimistic, but useful practice. 😬

Frostyskies1223 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:39:11

From previous years the admissions team doesn't turn its attention to the 10 plus until they have sorted the 11plus interview emails which are probably another week away.

BookSkark Sun 12-Jan-20 19:27:00

DD did it yesterday. Said it was okay but she didn't finish the VR and there were a couple of maths questions she didn't understand so not holding out much hope. Good practice though.

I'm assuming we'll hear later this week, but that's purely based on the Hampton 10+ timings. That said, if interviews are on the 29th, that gives them a good couple of weeks before they really need to let people know, so who knows?!

ripple11 Sun 12-Jan-20 17:54:54

Re numbers : yesterday was also used as the 11+ reserve day for those who couldn't do last that would boost turnout!

UnitDare Sun 12-Jan-20 16:33:57

Did anyone else's DC sit the KGS 10+ yesterday? I wasn't expecting quite so many people! DS seemed OK with it but not holding out too much hope here, good practice though.

With that said does anyone know when we can expect to hear back from the school?


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