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Best Boys Boarding For 2 Very Different Twins

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Jossina Sat 11-Jan-20 00:17:35

Which of the boys boarding schools (Eton/Radley/Harrow/Sherborne/Winchester/Tonbridge/Bedford) would be best for 2 quite different boys. 1 is quite sporty, easy going, good at maths, plays violin & sings while also playing every ball-based sport with equal joy and makes friends with everyone. 2nd is not very sporty but likes cross-country and can accept hockey, is quite good at languages and science, plays the cello, enjoys the countryside and is a loner.

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Ozo6728 Sat 11-Jan-20 07:43:01

You have to consider if you are looking for weekly board or a full boarding school. And also, some schools have a high proportion of day pupils which might not make it ideal for those who board.

TeenPlusTwenties Sat 11-Jan-20 09:22:09

Would you consider splitting them to get the school that suits each best?
I only say this because as an ex-boarder I think the fit of the school matters so much more when you board. After all, if you had boy/girl twins and wanted boarding you might well choose to split.

1805 Sun 12-Jan-20 15:03:46

Radley sounds like it might fit. Put them in different houses to let each twin flourish in his own way?

SurpriseSparDay Mon 13-Jan-20 11:20:52

How old are they?

Which schools have you already visited with them?

Are they both equally suited to boarding? (Obviously if they’re very young you won’t know ...)

And of course it would depend on where they each get in. Are they already at a school that could give an indication of the best route for each?

NellyBarney Mon 13-Jan-20 22:38:59

If they both had different favourites I would separate them. Eton might be the best fit for both. It has hockey, access to countryside, loads of ball games, varied music, and should suit sociable boys and loners (it seems to have less enforced community activities than some other schools and boys are given slightly more freedom/responsibilities to manage own time. Also has single rooms). Still would expect a sociable boy to enjoy Eton or any boarding school more, as an introverted person might find boarding in general tiring and draining.

MissSmiley Tue 14-Jan-20 10:58:29

Have you considered that the same school might not suit them? My twin boys (non-id) go to different schools and are very happy

northlondoncat Sat 25-Jan-20 22:20:18

Have you considered hailybury. Depends on your location.

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