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newtothis15 Fri 10-Jan-20 06:56:20

Has anybody prepared a child for CE exam, when the child was in state it possible? We are considering 13+ school private, child would go for Year 7/8 to state school. Thank you

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AnotherNewt Mon 13-Jan-20 08:31:28

"I think those who are saying it is highly competitive and the marks really count are talking about competitive London day schools where they use a common entrance exam as a first step to whittle down the number of candidates to invite to interview. This exam is taken in January or February and is competitive."

That'll be a pre-test exam, which might be the ISEB one, which an increasing number of schools are using. But it is not CE. That is taken in the summer of Year 8, and marked by the school which has made the offer to each candidate.

EdithWeston Mon 13-Jan-20 08:39:53

I suppose it's a case of whether you go for the normal entry route for a school, or hope they have a late place.

Uppingham is a CE school for all those coming from preps or own Y8 exam for those from other schools including overseas ones. That's a pretty normal approach. I think there's a competitive hurdle at either 11+ both direct, and later entry (confirmed by CE or some other qualifying test/assessment in Y8) or at 13+

BoardingSchoolMater Mon 13-Jan-20 08:52:02

I think there's some muddling here of 'entrance exams' and CE. CE isn't used for admission at 11+

CE is taken in May/June of Year 8. Ordinary entrance exams for admission into Year 9 are mostly taken in January of Year 8.

CE is very different from other entrance exams, and requires specific teaching.

My DS did CE as the final hurdle in the admissions process (following pre-test in Y6, scholarship interview and ordinary interview). The place he was offered was conditional upon a "satisfactory pass in CE". The school he wanted to go to only takes pupils from 13/Year 9.

There was - then, at any rate - a different admissions process for pupils who were at state schools, and it didn't involve CE. I seem to think that the school also funded (means-tested) some pupils to attend a prep school for Years 7 and 8, though you would of course have to have applied very early and have firmly fixed on that senior school. The only real advice anyone could give would be to consult the school you want your child to attend. They will give you the information.

Appreciate that things might have changed meanwhile, though!

StartOfRoaringTwenties Tue 14-Jan-20 07:03:47

I agree @BoardingSchoolMater

How you have set it out is my experience

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