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St Albans High School for Girls- your insights please

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theboomoo Wed 08-Jan-20 14:29:51

Can anyone talk to me about this school and how it compares to the other local independents? Any changes since new head has come in?

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 08-Jan-20 15:41:26

have PMed you x

theboomoo Wed 08-Jan-20 20:35:11

Thanks sleep, pm’ed you x

Flieger Mon 13-Jan-20 06:31:23

Likewise, keen to know whether school has changed much. Daughter is quite academic but reserved; wondering if it is the right place for her

sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 13-Jan-20 12:27:13

@Flieger have Pmed you x

trailfinder09 Thu 16-Jan-20 14:07:52

Likewise, considering the school but surprised what changes has the new head has brought in? And what the plans / strategy for the school's development is... Especially now, they have scrapped the 11+ exam for existing prep girls. Not many insights here.
@sleepismysuperpower1 would appreciate some advice

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