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GirlishSwot Tue 07-Jan-20 20:29:49

Planning ahead for moving home in London - priority is state secondary schools. Obviously looking for a really good school. Ideally, we would like mixed / co-ed, and preferably non-religious. We know we might have to compromise on this criteria, but absolutely not Catholic school.

Other than that, anywhere in London that meets this criteria:
commutable to city (under 45 mins)
2/3+ beds flat or houses - max budget £800k
Ideally leafy green spaces locally

Any ideas for areas / schools to look at? Thanks

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JoJoSM2 Tue 07-Jan-20 20:45:50

You can look up stats on there.

I’m in Sutton and can recommend it. Glenthorne is a national teaching school (with a performing arts stream), Cheam High is outstanding and high achieving.
A recent opening that’s already popular is Harris Sutton next to the Royal Marsden with links to it and specialising in STEM.
All of them are coed and non-faith.

Trains from Sutton go to London Bridge, Victoria and there’s a Thameslink to the city too. The south side of Sutton is particularly leafy and lovely. For a more villagey feel, Cheam Village is 1 mile west so it’s easy to live in between. You’ll get a lot of house for your money around here.

If you wanted somewhere very fancy, then it’s possible to be within walking distance to Richmond station and in catchment for Orleans Park (I think). It’s on a quick Waterloo line.

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